CrossGen's response to 'The Red Star' moves

Official Press Release

CrossGen Entertainment and Team Red Star, having successfully launchedvolume two of the critically acclaimed Red Star series, are amicably endingtheir publishing agreement. Formerly released as part of the CGE lineup, RedStar will now be published solely by Archangel Studios.

"Sometimes you just realize that certain things work best in their originalform," stated Ian Feller, Managing Editor of Code 6 Comics and CGE. "TeamRed Star has always acted as a fully functioning unit, doing everything ontheir own. As our relationship progressed it became apparent that the bestway for both of us to work most efficiently was for Team Red Star to onceagain stand on their own."

"This move was made with the best interests of both parties in mind,"continued Feller. "We have nothing but the utmost respect and admiration forTeam Red Star and we wish them the greatest success. The Red Star is atop-notch comic and Team Red Star is comprised of top-notch people.

"CrossGen was nothing less than extended family to us; there is no one onthat team that isn't 100% committed to their craft," stated Team Red Star'sChristian Gossett. "Early on, we recognized CrossGen as kindred spirits. Butbecause Archangel Studios and CrossGen are both fiercely independentcompanies, in hindsight, we all realized our relationship grew more frommutual admiration than an underlying business need and that mutualseparation is in the best interests of both of our studios. A more friendlyparting of ways could not have occurred, and though we are not under thesame banner, we remain committed to working in parallel with CrossGen toreshape the industry's standards for quality graphic storytelling. Withgreatest sincerity, we wish CrossGen and all who work there the best offortune in the future-the comics world could use more people like them;those with integrity, honesty, and above all vision."

While Red Star #2 will be printed and distributed with the CGE logo, issue#3 will be published solely under the Archangel Studios banner.

Readers and retailers should stay tuned for upcoming announcementsconcerning new partners currently stepping into the space now made availablefor additional publishers at CGE.

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