CrossGen's 'Forge' and 'Vector' cease publication

Official Press Release

Responding to the purchasing preference of both retailers and readers, theFORGE and VECTOR Compendia will cease publication. The monthly anthologies,which reprinted CrossGen Entertainment's line of comic books in a innovativehigh-page-count/low-price format, will end their respective runs after thepublication of their 13th issues, both of which go on sale in April.

"I'm proud that we gave this program over a full year to develop," statedVice President of Sales Chris Oarr. "The Compendia were successful inreaching new readers. However, having been introduced to the entire CrossGenline, these new fans clearly gravitated toward our sequentially releasedgraphic novels and comic books. After a year it was apparent that publishingthe Compendia, even at a reduced price, no longer made good business sense."

"The question we constantly ask ourselves is 'What do readers and retailerswant?'" explained Oarr. "And in this case, while we delivered an affordableand portable package that many industry voices have asked for over theyears, the actual buying behavior revealed that the majority prefers ourindividual graphic novels and comic books. We want to thank the strong coreof fans who enjoyed FORGE and VECTOR, and we hope that they'll continue tofollow our stories in our additional formats."

"The Compendia were my gateway to the heroes of CrossGen, so I'm going tomiss these handy books," added Director of Marketing & Communications BillRosemann. "The good news is, since CrossGen is dedicated to developinginnovative multiple formats, readers can still follow their favoriteCrossGen characters in other low cost options, including the individualcomic books, graphic novels, comicsontheweb.com, and additional formats thatwe'll be announcing soon. And if you like the smaller Compendia size--whichfeedback tells us that many of you do--be on the watch for six new portableand affordable Traveler graphic novels in June!"

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