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Official Press Release

TAMPA, FL., - CrossGen Comics continues its worldwideexpansion with the signing of a publishing deal with Russian publisherIzdatelstvo Komiks Ltd. Izdatelstvo Komiks Ltd. is set to begin publishingthe CrossGen Comics line in September 2002 to be distributed to thenewsstand, comic shop and bookstore market in the Russian speaking countriesof Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan,Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmen, Litva, Latvia, andEstonia.

This new publishing agreement means CrossGen Comics are now available in atleast 26 foreign countries and in five foreign languages. It also means thatCrossGen's Comics on the Web will eventually be available in Russian.

Izdatelstvo Komiks Ltd. will begin by publishing monthly Russian editions ofMystic, Sigil, Scion, Meridian, The First, and Crux.

The Russian comic book publisher, Izdatelstvo Komiks Ltd., or in English,Comics Publishing House, was established in Moscow in 2000 by a group of oneof the largest Russian advertising and publishing companies' top managers.Making the decision to launch the project was the result of one and a halfyears of research and development, directed towards the analysis of worldexperience and creating the strategy of promoting a product absolutely newto Russia: the comic book.

At the present, the main aim of Izdatelstvo Komiks Ltd. is to issue and topromote the best Russian and foreign comics products for the readers livingin all the regions of the former USSR. In order to obtain such results, ateam of professionals, having five year's experience in the sphere ofdevelopment, production, and distribution of print products, was formed; andstrategic agreements were concluded with the largest Russian printinghouses, wholesale and retail networks, manufacturers of P.O.S. equipment,research agencies and art studios.

According to James Breitbeil, CrossGen's Director of Marketing andDistribution, the launch of Comics on the Web has aided in the signing ofnew foreign publishers.

"Every comics publisher around the world wants to see the audience forcomics grow," said Breitbeil. "With the launch of Comics on the Web, and thepotential for millions of people worldwide to view our comics and then bedrawn into the world of print comics, publishers are lining up for theirchance to be a part of this initiative."

Ludmila Orlova Head of International Licensing for Izdatelstvo Komiks Ltd.believes CrossGen comics are a perfect fit for a Russian speaking populationnew to comic books.

"It's all a matter of quality and approach. To understand how perfect theCrossGen line of titles fits the Russian market we just have to take acloser look at the situation. We have a growing demand for comics along withno particular history of the industry and comic readership, and our audienceis not bound with historically favored heroes, brands or titles. This far wehad been searching for products of top quality and highest market potential,and the CrossGen Universe with its eye-catching graphics, fabulousstorylines and challenging manner of development approach is naturally agodsend for us.

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