CrossGen signs with interactive studio FOG

Official Press Release

TAMPA, FL, May 22, 2002 - On the eve of this year's Electronic Entertainment

Expo (E3), the central marketplace for the international interactive game

industry, CrossGen has signed an exclusive representation agreement with FOG

Studios, one of the most influential licensing agencies in the interactive


The multi-year agreement will give FOG the exclusive task of forging

relationships with publishers and developers of interactive games for the

PC, consoles (Sony PlayStation 2, Microsoft X-Box, Nintendo Gamecube),

handheld games, coin-operated games and others.

Since 1979, the principles of FOG have placed more than 4,000 interactive

titles into the marketplace and represented nearly 500 clients in the

interactive gaming industry. FOG, which now encompasses the activities of

International Computer Group (ICG), was co-founded by Ed Dille and ICG's

Barry Friedman. Dille and Friedman have also participated in the creation of

popular Web sites, such as ESPNET/Sportszone, Happy Puppy and others.

The addition of FOG Studios rounds out CrossGen's multimedia licensing team,

which also includes Batman film executive producer and Emmy Award winner

Michael Uslan and renowned entertainment attorney Nancy Newhouse Porter.

"We were very fortunate early in our company's history to be able to bring

on Michael Uslan, the executive producer of the Batman motion pictures, to

help usher CrossGen into Hollywood, and we feel that Michael is the absolute

gold standard when it comes to licensed entertainment on film and

television," said Tony Panaccio, CrossGen's VP of Product Development.

"Nancy Newhouse Porter, who represents animators responsible for work on

films such as Toy Story, Toy Story 2, Shrek, Ice Age and Monsters Inc., is

the gold standard when it comes to representing clients who tell stories to

a new generation of entertainment consumer. With FOG Studios, we feel we now

have the absolute gold standard working with us in the interactive space, as

well. In addition, I've known Ed Dille personally and professionally for the

better part of a decade, so I can also say that not only are we being

represented by the best guys in the business, but also the nicest guys in

the business."

"In an industry that has long been dominated by two major publishing houses

- Marvel and DC - CrossGen represents a fresh and pervasive voice that is

resonating with a new generation of comics readers and game players," said

Ed Dille, President of FOG Studios.

Barry Friedman added, "In my 23 years of working with interactive clients,

CrossGen offers the industry and all of the potential game players an

opportunity which is absolutely captivating. The artwork and storylines

inherent in the CrossGen properties lend themselves to some of the greatest

games ever to be produced."

CrossGen CEO and Publisher Mark Alessi said he was gratified, but not

surprised, by the amazing pedigree of CrossGen's multimedia partners.

"When I look at the team we've been fortunate enough to assemble - people

who represent dozens and dozens of the world's favorite movies and games, as

well as billions of dollars in sales - I can't help but feel like we've just

reached the apex of Mount Everest. It's been a long, hard climb, but

extremely satisfying. And at the end of the day, it's all because of one

thing and one thing only: the comics are good. Our creators have put their

all into bringing out our monthly stories, and the world is beginning to

take notice. It's because of their effort and the intestinal fortitude of

everyone at CrossGen that we've been able to bring such star players as

Michael Uslan, Nancy Newhouse Porter and FOG Studios into our circle, and

wait until you see what's going to come next."

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