CrossGen offers 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang' in January

Official Press Release

[Kiss Kiss Bang Bang]Building on the sold-out launch of EL CAZADOR, writer Tony Bedard (NEGATION,ROUTE 666) and penciler Mike Perkins (RUSE) will introduce CrossGen's nextstand-alone adventure series in January 2004. Surrounded by the political,cultural and sexual revolutions of London in the swinging '60s, three MI6agents fight for the safety of the globe - and scheme to claim the UK's #1espionage job - in the sizzling spy series KISS KISS BANG BANG.

The new monthly title shines the spotlight on the world's top agent, SirCharles Basildon of Her Majesty's Secret Service. While no one within theinternational espionage community knows what Basildon actually looks like,the mere mention of his name is enough to terrify spymasters from Moscow toBeijing. In truth, Basildon is merely an identity cooked up by MI6 andpassed on from one agent to the next. But times are changing, and that'swhere the series takes a wicked zigzag.

As the story opens, not only is the next Basildon-in-training a "Yank"...butshe's also a woman. Can Stephanie Shelley, a thoroughly modern American,live up to the role of the legendary British super spy? And can she bear tolearn the ropes from the current Sir Charles - the most lethal, infuriating,and unrepentantly sexist Basildon ever?

"Over-the-top in its humor and action, KISS KISS BANG BANG asks 'what woulda spy like James Bond be like in the real world?'" Bedard stated. "If youactually met him, some might see Basildon as a smooth operator. Then again,you might think he's an amoral adrenaline junkie and a sociopathic sexualpredator. Whichever you decide, he's a loose cannon who frequently holds thefate of the Free World in his fanny-slapping hands."

"We're going for all-out excitement, exotic locales and expectant characterinteraction - while also exploring the sexual politics of the age," Perkinsrevealed. "As a life-long espionage fan, this is the perfect chance to draweverything from groovy fashion and exotic locales to retro-future gadgetsand sexy agents of the crown. Everything you want to put into a book likethis - and everything that people want to see - will be there...and thenwe'll add that extra bit, just to confound your expectations and put yourknickers in a twist."

On sale January 14th, KISS KISS BANG BANG #1 - crafted by the creative teamof writer Tony Bedard, penciler Mike Perkins, inker Andrew Hennessy, andcolorist Laura Villari - will be offered in the November 2003 edition ofDiamond's Previews catalog.

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