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As the CrossGen creators greeted fans in San Diego at the 2003 Comic-Con International, the company also generated an avalanche of press coverage through multiple media outlets. From the L.A. Times to the Panama City News Herald, journalists across America swung the spotlight on CrossGen.

The July 17th edition of the L.A. Times featured a two-page article on Mark Alessi entitled "Comics' Unlikely Hero". The article, which commanded a large section of the front page of the Business section, featured photos of Alessi and SOLUS inker Rick Magyar. After visiting the CrossGen Studios, Times staff writer Tomas S. Mulligan reported: "Alessi has managed one of the industry's most successful start-ups in years, and his ideas are getting respect and a bit of imitation...Less than two years into the alliance (with movie producer Michael Uslan), an eye blink by Hollywood's clock, CrossGen has 11 movie and TV projects in the pipeline with some big names: studios such as DreamWorks SKG and Castle Rock Entertainment; filmmakers includingChuck Russell ("The Mask") and Robert Zemeckis ("Forrest Gump"); and writers like Bob Gale ("Back to the Future") and Mike France ("Cliffhanger"). And not one of the projects, as everybody connected with CrossGen repeats incessantly, involves a spandex-clad superhero." In addition to showing art from RUSE, SIGIL and SOJOURN, the article also featured descriptions of WAY OF THE RAT, ROUTE 666, BRATH and MERIDIAN.

The entire article can be read at:http://www.calendarlive.com/movies/cl-fi-comics17jul17.story

In other Hollywood news, Variety spotlighted the upcoming "Way of the Rat" feature film in an article on the Top 10 hottest movies in development.

Saluting movers and shakers such as Stephen Spielberg and J.K. Rowling, the September 2003 issue of Cinescape Magazine lists "The Super Power 100" (the 100 most powerful people in genre entertainment). Rocketing to spot #48--landing between The Simpsons' Matt Groening and Stan "The Man" Lee--is CrossGen's own Mark Alessi. Lifting him from last year's rank of #89, Cinescape says: "Entrepreneur Alessi built a comic book publisher from scratch and instantly won the hearts of readers everywhere. With slick production values, power-house talent and a growing list of optioned series,CrossGen is here to stay."

Celebrating the trend that "over the past few years, stories by and for women have invaded comic shops and bookstores," the July 20th issue of the Panama City News Herald examined CrossGen's efforts to expand comic books' female readership. Reporter S. Brady Calhoun quoted writer Barbara Kesel as saying, "Girls are not now just reading comics. Girls used to read comics. There used to be great readership in both genders. Boys may want to see things blow up, and girls may want to know how it affected people in the vicinity, but everybody likes excitement and everybody likes character." Mentioning both LADY DEATH and MERIDIAN, Brady also quoted yours truly as stating "Who said you have to be a man to be a hero? Half of our titles star female leads and the other half star strong women in the cast." Finally, the July 25th and August 1st issues of Comics Buyer's Guide salute several CrossGen creators for scoring high in their 2003 CBG Fan Awards. First, Chuck Dixon (WAY OF THE RAT, SIGIL, CRUX), Barbara Kesel (MERIDIAN, THE FIRST, SOLUS) and Tony Bedard (ROUTE 666, MYSTIC, NEGATION) were voted by readers into the Top 20 in the "Favorite Writer" category. Likewise, George Pérez (SOLUS), Greg Land (SOJOURN), Butch Guice (RUSE) and Andrea Di Vito (BRATH) were all voted into the Top 20 in the "Favorite Penciler" category--with Pérez and Land awarded the #1 and #2 spots, respectively. In addition, the two issues of CBG also included a cover story on the upcoming pirate series EL CAZADOR as well as "A-" reviews to WAY OF THE RAT Vol. 1 and MERIDIAN Vol. 4.

For links to additional online media coverage generated by CrossGen, readers are encouraged to visit "CG Buzz" at crossgen.com.

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