CrossGen Masters the Universe with He-Man, Dragon's Lair, Space Ace

The beefy heroes collectively known as the "Masters of the Universe" will be rubbing elbows with the likes of Mystic and Sigil soon, as MVCreations' Masters comic moves under CrossGeneration Entertainment's publishing umbrella (golf umbrella sized to shelter the bulging biceps of He-Man, no doubt), CrossGen announced on Friday.

The announcement comes at a good time for CrossGen: "Masters of the Universe" is leaving Image Comics for CrossGen days after another high profile property, "The Red Star," was announced to be leaving CrossGen for self-publishing.

Based on the hit 1980s animated series and associated toy line, "Masters of the Universe" coincides with a new toy line and a forthcoming remake cartoon on the Cartoon Network. MVCreations also has plans to create all-ages comics based on Don Bluth's classic 1980s arcade games "Dragon's Lair" and "Space Ace."

"CrossGen is a company with exceptional ideas and smart plans for the future. They strive to get their product into the hands of new readers, especially children, which is very important to us," MVCreations President Val Staples was quoted as saying in a press release issued by CGE.

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