CrossGen makes entire line exchangeable

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Beginning July 1st, CrossGen is introducing the Product Exchange Program(PEP), which, in essence, makes our entire line exchangeable.

PEP is simple. Each month we will designate a title or titles that havedemonstrated strong sell-through and possess great upside potential.Retailers can exchange any two CrossGen comics per one PEP comic. All youneed to do is mail in the covers of the comics you're exchanging and tell uswhich PEP comics you want. It couldn't be easier!

"As CrossGen moves forward into our third year ofpublishing, we want to strengthen our dedication to direct market retailers,who have supported us from the very beginning. You guys took a chance on us,and this is our way of saying thanks." -CrossGen President Mark Alessi

"We've set out to annihilate retailer risk by making ourentire line exchangeable. No limits. No complicated rules. Just an ongoingcommitment to stand behind the entire CrossGen line." -CrossGen VP of SalesChris Oarr

PEP will be administered on CrossGen's behalf by Bulldog Collectibles.Retailers may exchange any regular-priced CrossGen comic for the monthly PEPcomic on a 2-for-1 basis. The program works through stripped-cover returns,meaning that participating retailers need simply mail in covers toparticipate. Retailers pay no shipping on the PEP comics they receive inexchange.

Each month we'll announce new PEP comics. PEP exchanges will occur whilesupplies last, and retailers can roll over PEP credits until an attractiveoption pops up in later months. We'll be announcing the new PEP comics everymonth through ICv2.com, Comics & Games Retailer, Bulldog Collectibles'website and via our new monthly retailer newsletter, which will launch inAugust.

The PEP comics for July are:





Recently named "Book of the Month" by Wizard and called "that rare relaunchthat improved on the original concept" by prominent retailer Brian Hibbs,LADY DEATH is on a roll. As the series' first story arc barrels towards aclimax with July's issue #6, we want to make it easy for retailers to growtheir readership.

Likewise, SOJOURN begins a new era with issue #25, the much-publicized $1.00comic that hits the stands on July 30. Featuring the debut of new writer IanEdginton (X-Force), the start of a new story-arc, and plenty of mediasupport, SOJOURN #25 is sure to attract new readers. With such a big jump-onevent, interest is also sure to run high on recent back issues.

To participate, retailers should send their stripped covers to BulldogCollectibles, requesting any number of the designated PEP issues of LADYDEATH and/or SOJOURN. PEP comics will be shipped accordingly while supplieslast. Any retailer whose order is unfilled will receive a statement of theirPEP credits, which can be applied to future months' selections.

Please mail covers to:

Bulldog Collectibles

2028 Branding Iron Lane

Chino Valley, AZ 86323

For more information, please call Bulldog at (877) BUY-COMIC or visit theirwebsite at www.bulldogcollectibles.com

As always, we thank you for your continued support and look forward tohelping you grow your business through PEP comics!


Bill Rosemann

Director of Marketing & Communications

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