CrossGen lays off staffers, reorganizes

Late Thursday CBR News learned of a massive internal shake-up at comics publisher CrossGen Comics. Sources tell CBR News that as many as 25 staffers, possibly more, have been laid off by the company with the remaining staff seeing major reductions in their salary, some accounts stating their salaries have been cut by as much as half. In addition to the cut in salaries, sources told CBR News that many staff artists were offered page rate instead of salary, which would necessarily result in a much lower pay rate.

While a list of names of people who've left or been laid off by the company is as yet unavailable, one name CBR News heard from multiple sources was that of CrossGen Assistant Art Director Butch Guice, also the artist on "Ruse," has left the company.

CBR News contacted CrossGen Marketing Director Bill Rosemann multiple times who offered no comment. CBR News also contacted CrossGen writer Ron Marz who would not comment at this time.

This revelation comes on the heels of news concerning the company's financial stability. In an August 20th Interview with CBR News, CrossGen publisher Mark Alessi addressed charges that the company was withholding payment from a number of freelancers employed by the company. Alessi spoke in detail about the then current financial situation the company found itself in.

"Financially, CrossGen is a little tighter than we'd like to be," Alessi said during the interview. "We're in the final stages of a new investment round, and that's made the last 30 to 60 days rather tight."

Earlier this year CrossGen had made arrangements for a new round of investment that fell through at the last minute, which lead to the current financial situation. At the time of the interview Alessi told CBR News the company was talking with other investors to land additional funding.

"We're nearing the completion of a major round in the millions of dollars that will take care of us, frankly, forever," Alessi said. "If we hadn't had this unexpected change in the major investment group at the beginning of the year, none of this would ever have occurred."

Alessi also told CBR News that freelancers the company owed money to would be paid for their work on October first. It's unknown whether or not CrossGen will be able to keep that promise.

This story will be updated as we receive new information.

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