CrossGen inks deal with Cinescape magazine to include comics with each issue

Official Press Release

Tampa, FL, January 30, 2003 - CrossGen Entertainment announced today that ithas signed a content deal with Cinescape Magazine, a leading genreentertainment magazine published by Mania Entertainment, that will supplyMania with a CrossGen comic to be stitched into the center of each issue ofCinescape Magazine, beginning with the May 2003 cover date issue, which willfeature a special edition of CrossGen's hit title Way of the Rat #1.

In addition to CrossGen's comics, the deal will also create opportunitiesfor Mania to co-create with CrossGen original comics for Cinescape'sexclusive use in its pages, and a partnership to deliver those originalcomics to the marketplace as graphic novels.

"We introduced our comics coverage to Cinescape Magazine a little over ayear ago and over the past year it has proven to be one of our most popularsections, both in print and online at www.cinescape.com," said Chip Meyers,CEO of Mania Entertainment. "Comics is having a rebirth with the mainstreampublic and we wanted to show our support of this rebirth by being the firstmagazine to include an actual comic book in each of its issues. "The genresof science fiction, fantasy and horror in film have drawn much inspirationfrom the medium of comics over the years, and in trying to bring theaudiences which enjoy both the mediums of comics and films together, wecould not think of any place in comics that does this better than CrossGen.In addition to CrossGen's many comics that are currently in activedevelopment for films, we intend to introduce through the Cinescape Magazinepages the next franchisable original comics from up and coming artists, aswell as stories from legendary genre creators, of whom some are already partof Mania's advisory board. We look forward to offering our readers thesealready established exceptional stories from CrossGen, and original andfresh stories through Mania's internal development, which will hopefullyspawn a new generation of comic book fans in both print and at the movies."

"As CrossGen moves into other mediums and explores the world of licensingand media deals, one element will always be at the center of what CrossGenis about -- the comics," said Tony Panaccio, Vice President of ProductDevelopment for CrossGen Entertainment. "We will always be about the comics,and that's what this deal crystallizes. We will endeavor to make good moviesand television shows from our intellectual properties, but the highest valuethat these projects have for us is to bring people into the comics thatspawned those projects. Cinescape recognizes that comics, like films, aresimply another medium for the presentation of genre-based stories, and thatconcept is at the fulcrum of this arrangement. At the end of the day, thisis a win-win for Mania, for CrossGen and for comics in general."

The comics that appear will be stitched into the center of each monthlyedition of Cinescape starting with the May 2003 edition, and they willappear in the Traveler trim size, and not in the traditional larger comicformat. They will be printed in a 32-page signature, with at least 22 pagestories. The first CrossGen comic to be featured, Way of the Rat #1, willinclude never before seen artwork and some film development sketchescommissioned for the movie by Way of the Rat film director Chuck Russell(The Mask, Eraser, The Scorpion King). The film version of Way of the Rat isbeing produced by Frank Darabont (The Green Mile, The Shawshank Redemption),Castle Rock Entertainment and DreamWorks Pictures.

"We know that more of Cinescape's readers are familiar with Anime and Mangathan they are traditional comics, so we felt that introducing them to ourcomics in a format that is much closer to the Manga trim size would be acommon frame of reference for readers who may not have read a Western comicbook in recent years," Panaccio said. "This format also helps the comicstand out from the rest of the magazine, and hopefully encourage people toopen it up and give it a gander."

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