'CrossGen Illustrated,' 'Ministry of Space' on-line

[CrossGen Illustrated]Previews of upcoming and past projects on the Web are hardly unusual. Here at CBR we often run previews of upcoming comics. DC Comics and Marvel Comics often have previews of upcoming comics on their Web site and Marvel even posts entire issues online after they've been released in comic stores.

Today publishers are releasing their comics in Adobe Acrobat or "PDF" format online. The PDF format allows publishers to preview their work in a compact format without sacrificing too much quality and maintain the integrity of the original layout. Our own Larry Young discussed the benefits of the PDF format in his Loose Cannon column here at CBR a few weeks back.

Last week CrossGen comics released on their Web site a preview of their upcoming art book "CrossGen Illustrated." The book is a deluxe sized introduction to the CrossGen universe filled with lengthy articles and full color artwork. A 9 page preview of the book is now available on their Web site here.

In addition to the CrossGen preview, Warren Ellis posted the entire first issue of his comic "Ministry of Space" to his Web site today. Those of you who missed your chance to pick up the issue in stores before it sold out now have a chance to read the book in its entirety online.

Edited 10/10/2001 12:48 PM

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