CrossGen hires colorist Nick Bell

TAMPA, FL. - CrossGen Comics' roster of talent continues to grow with the addition of colorist Nick Bell. Bell will serve as colorist on a soon-to-be-named title in the horror genre.

Bell has been coloring comics since 1995 when he got his start at WildStormProductions. There he began as part of a team that worked on every titlecoming through the company. He soon moved up to supervisor of the coloringdepartment and worked on the regular series, Desperadoes. After leaving tobegin a freelance career, Bell's colors appeared in the Universe XSpider-Man special and Iron Man special for Marvel Comics and in Zero Girlfor DC Comics' WildStorm imprint. He was also the colorist on the children'sbook "There's a Hair in My Dirt" written by Gary Larson.

"After seeing some of the character designs Karl [Moline] has been doingthat have been inked by John [Dell] and reading the plots that Tony [Bedard]has written, I've got a great feeling about this book and it makes me wantto dive right in and get started," said Bell. "This is gonna be fun!"

Bell has already begun working on his new assignment from his current homein San Diego, and will be coming to CrossGen in March.

"We're excited to add another veteran talent like Nick to our coloringstaff," said Bart Sears, Art Director for CrossGen Comics. "With a Master'sdegree in Fine Arts, his skills as a classically trained painter bring us anew dimension to color. Now, with all the talent we have in-house, Idefinitely don't think there's a group of colorists anywhere in the worldthat can rival them."

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