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CrossGeneration Comics has struck an exclusive deal with the Chinese publisher Dian Shi Tang, one of China's largest publishers, to begin publishing CrossGen's entire line of titles in August, 2002.

Dian Shi Tang is one of the five largest publishers in China, and the only one of those five that is not government-owned, publishing more than 300 titles in 2001. The company has good experience with publications from the U.S., having handled such titles as, "Chicken Soup for the Soul" and "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus." The company currently possesses distribution deals in more than 100 cities around China. This deal with Dian Shi Tang grants CrossGen exclusivity, making CrossGen the only U.S. comics publisher whose titles will be published by Dian Shi Tangs in China.

"This is a big one," said CrossGen CEO and Publisher Mark Alessi. "We've been blazing a trail around the world, with our titles licensed in 31 countries and in 11 languages, but breaking through in China is a barrier we never thought we'd overcome this early in our business."

The deal was brokered by executives with Enorbus Technologies, one ofChina's largest wireless entertainment companies. Enorbus currently has a licensing agreement with CrossGen to produce wireless games and icons for the worldwide mobile phone marketplace. Being based in China, Enorbus leveraged its knowledge of CrossGen's product line with its own business contacts in the Chinese publishing community to help bring about the licensed publishing arrangement with Dian Shi Tang. Enorbus has also brokered meetings with Chinese-based Web portals that will jointly work with CrossGen and Dian Shi Tang to eventually bring a Chinese version of CrossGen's Comics on the Web to China's major Web portals.

"We believe that with the right promotion, we can make CrossGen the next big thing from America," said Ms. Sun Yi Xue, President of Dian Shi Tang. "These are some of the most beautiful comics we have seen from just about any country from around the world, and the stories are so universal, we believe that CrossGen will be a big hit in China."

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