CrossGen gets their kicks on 'Route 666'

[CrossGen]Monday CrossGen Comics announced they will be debuting a new title this June titled "Route 666," a new horror title written by Tony Bedard with art by penciller Karl Moline, inker John Dell and colors by Nick Bell. The first issue of this new on-going series will be in comic stores June 19th.

CrossGen described the new title: "'Route 666' tells the story of Cassie, an escaped mental patient who targets seemingly random victims as she drifts across the country. She claims they are monsters, disguised as humans, covertly dwelling among us, and only she can detect them. She claims they steal souls to use for some unknown, unspeakable purpose. She must be a dangerous lunatic, right? But what if she's not?"

"There are a million reasons why this is a dream project for me," writer Tony Bedard said in the release. "Ever since discovering Alan Moore's Swamp Thing, I've been a huge fan of horror comics, and in 'Route 666' we've managed to combine all thethings I love about those kinds of stories -- the psychological tension, thesupernatural horrors, ghosts, the Devil...even classic movie monsters! Also,this all takes place in a very accessible contemporary setting, with a 1950sCold War twist that I find fascinating, both visually and thematically."

"Route 666" is Karl Moline's first regular work for CrossGen since joining the company. Moline is most well known for his run on "Joss Whedon's Fray" for Dark Horse Comics.

"Drawing 'Fray' has been a great experience for me," said Moline in the release. "But 'Route 666' is so completely different. I love the '50s look and feel and I'm going to have a blast drawing the old-style cars, and the wide variety of monsters that Tony is writing into the stories. It'll be great to draw more than justvampires."

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