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Val Staples (w), Emiliano Santalucia (p),Marco Failla (i)

'80s Mania comes to CrossGen as the hit cartoon is reborn for a new era! When an ancient crystal resurfaces on the world of Eternia, the heroic Masters of the Universe are beset by strange events! Now the mighty He-Man must set forth on a dangerous quest to end the gem's evil once and for all-but the sinister Skeletor and his merciless minions have other ideas! It's science meets sorcery starring the characters we all love-energized for a new age!

112 pgs, full color, Traveler-sized trade paperback on sale July 9, $9.95


Robert Kirkman (w), E.J. Su (p & i) Cover By E.J. Su & Val Staples

Introducing the ICONS OF EVIL series, revealing key chapters in the lives of He-Man's most fearsome foes! How did a once great ruler of all the oceans become the lowly servant that we know today? Dive into Mer-Man's tragic past and experience his fall from grace as the creators of Tech Jacket spin an epic standalone story!

48 pgs, full color, on sale July 16 $4.95

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Brian Pulido (w), Ivan Reis (p) Marc Campos (i), Chris Blythe (c)

The senses-shattering conclusion to the first story arc! Locked on a collision course: the lethal Lady Death, the blood-thirsty Brotherhood of the Sword, and the evil Eldritch lord Throm Gara! Three forces will charge into the village of Novgord… but who will emerge alive? "A great read if you're looking for something new…give this book a shot." -Zentertainment.com

32 pgs, full color, on sale July 16 $2.95


Robert Rodi (w), Joe Staton (p) Ernie Colon (i), Mark McNabb (c)

New Story Arc! New Artist! Same Cross-Genre Goodness! In chapter 1 of the 3-part "Cross Your Hearts," the Greek goddess of discord pays a visit to Crosstown-and no one's love life is safe… not even Cubby's! Plus: a permanent addition to the Crossover household! Can a modern family survive the rigors of 4 genres-and only 1 bathroom? Find out as a new adventure begins!

32 pgs, full color, on sale July 23 $2.95


R.A. Salvatore & Scott Ciencin (w), Greg Tocchini (p) John Holdridge (i), Tad Ehrlich (c)

The new DemonWar story continues! Andacanavar falls under the seductive sway of harem girl, Sagara, leaving the barbarian ranger vulnerable to the dark magics of a demon djinn! Now only Grave Mungo is in a position to save him-but the bloody redcap dwarf has an ax of his own to grind! Can't get enough of R.A. Salvatore's worlds of swords and sorcery? This DEMONWARS tale reveals a previously untold adventure!

32 pgs, full color, on sale July 2 $2.95



Chuck Dixon (w), Alcatena (p & i),

Rob Schwager (c)

World-renowned artist Alcatena brings his epic vision to BRATH! While gladiators die in the sands of the arena, the depraved Imperial family squabbles and schemes. What fate will they choose for the warchief Brath and his endangered clan? The action continues as one man defies an evil empire! "This book is breathing new life into a genre long ignored by a medium it once dominated." -Broken Frontier.com

32 pgs, full color, on sale July 30 $2.95

CRUX #28

Chuck Dixon (w), Sergio Cariello (p) Roland Paris (i), Laura Villari (c)

The next chapter in the CRUX epic begins here! Atlantis is under attack by the largest Negation force ever, and the famous city's only chance is a risky experiment that will change the world…forever! Jump on board as the arrival of Sergio Cariello (Azrael) kicks this apocalyptic Sci-Fi adventure into overdrive!

32 pgs, full color, on sale July 23 $2.95


Barbara Kesel (w), Andy Smith (p) Rob Hunter (i), Sumi Pak (c)

Will the shocking secret of The First be exposed? Returning to immortal intrigue of Elysia, the tortured Gannish is driven to share his world-shattering discovery with the one man who can act on the knowledge: the leader of House Dexter, Pyrem! But when truth is a heavy burden, even a god can fall!

32 pgs, full color, on sale July 2 $2.95


Barbara Kesel (w), Luke Ross (p) James Hodgkins (i), Richard & Tonya Horie (c)

A young princess struggles to become a global savior-but who will tell her tale? The unity voyage of the sunship continues-and the task of chronicling the troubled teen's amazing deeds falls to the unlikeliest person of all!

32 pgs, full color, on sale July 30 $2.95


Tony Bedard (w), Arron Lopresti (p) Matt Ryan (i), Wil Quintana (c)

Giselle's greatest victory-with the most unlikely ally-begins here! Panic rules the streets as Geomancer Guild's Master Archemus prepares to reshape the entire world of Ciress! Meanwhile, Giselle is locked in a dungeon-without her magical powers!

32 pgs, full color, on sale July 9 $2.95


Tony Bedard (w), Paul Pelletier (p) Dave Meikis (i), James Rochelle (c)

Will the fugitives break into jail?! Obregon Kaine and his motely crew discovers another prison planet filled with captives from throughout the CrossGen Universe! But the question is: will they infiltrate this world to use its Negation technology to go home…or is the risk too great to dare? "A big budget special effects-laden extravaganza…NEGATION is a fun and colorful tale of people on the run in a world not of their own making…a real page-turner." -ComicBookResources.com

32 pgs, full color, on sale July 16 $2.95

MARK OF CHARON #5 (of 5)

Tony Bedard (w), Staz Johnson (p) Jonathan Glapion (i), Dave McCaig (c)

The revelations continue as the universe-shaking miniseries reaches it's chaotic conclusion! Javi and his Negation Sigil-Bearers take on Charon himself in a cosmic battle pitting man against god! Don't miss the finale that will rock the entire CrossGen line!

32 pgs, full color, on sale July 30 $2.95


Ron Marz (w), Matthew Smith (p) Mark Pennington (i), Michael Atiyeh (c)

A duo in danger! They say that the enemy of your enemy is your friend… and now the former monk Obo-san and the deadly beauty Aiko must test the adage-with their lives! When our intrepid tag-team ventures deep into the heart of treacherous territory, what will the Nogawa clan take: Obo-san's offer… or his head?! "What we have here is a heroic epic worthy of Frank Miller in his heyday." -Comics International

32 pgs, full color, on sale July 30 $2.95

ROUTE 666 #14

Tony Bedard (w), Karl Moline (p) Drew Geraci (i), Nick Bell (c)

A new Dark Spirit arrives to spin Cassie Starkweather's crusade in a frightening new direction! Our girl goes wild when Cassie journeys to swamps of the Deep South-and faces the ghosts that haunt the black-water bayous! "A compelling and terrifying ride from start to finish--The Sixth Sense can only wish it had been this creepy." -Cinescape.com

32 pgs, full color, on sale July 23 $2.95

RUSE #22

Scott Beatty (w), Butch Guice (p) Mike Perkins (i), Laura Martin (c)

Is Simon's home haunted? Simon Archard's headquarters has been rebuilt, but someone-or something-is visiting the cathedral's sleeping residents…with thoughts of revenge! "The new writer of RUSE (Scott Beatty) has carried on the fine blend of storytelling and witty characterization that made this comic so unique." -Comics International

32 pgs, full color, on sale July 30 $2.95


Scott Beatty (w), Butch Guice (p) Mike Perkins (i), Laura DePuy (c)

A new collection of Victorian mystery with a supernatural twist! Leaving their home base of Partington, master sleuth Simon

Archard and his intrepid partner Emma Bishop traverse the globe in an attempt to capture the elusive Baroness Miranda Cross! It's burning zeplins, rampaging gargoyles, and marauding monkeys… oh my!

160 pgs, full color, trade paperback, on sale July 16 $15.95


Ron Marz (w), Jim Cheung (p) Don Hillsman II (i), Jason Keith (c)

The hunt for King Dane begins! Prince Ethan and his siblings Kai and Ylena search for their missing father, but with all of Avalon to search, can they find him before it's too late? "SCION does a great job of blending fantasy with science fiction…fans of both (genres) will love this title, as will anyone who just enjoys a good story and beautiful art." -NeedCoffee.com

32 pgs, full color, on sale July 23 $2.95


Chuck Dixon (w), Dale Eaglesham (p) Andrew Hennessey (i), Andrew Crossley (c)

The Negation strikes! The human race faces a new threat, and the only person who knows it's true nature is Sam! Every living thing in the Saurian Empire and the Planetary Union is targeted for extinction by the numberless army of the Negation…. but has Sam's time as their prisoner left him too crippled to stop their reign of conquest? "Chuck Dixon has re-energized this Sci-Fi saga with gripping stories and incredible action." -BrokenFrontier.com

32 pgs, full color, on sale July 16 $2.95

SILKEN GHOST #3 (of 5)

Chuck Dixon (w), Will Rosado (p) Chuck Gibson (i), Michael Atiyeh (c)

The secrets of the Silken Ghost…revealed! As the masked warrior from WAY OF THE RAT moves closer to her goal, her shrouded past is laid bare! What is the true nature of this mistress of the martial arts, and what is at stake should she and her comrades fail to defeat the Laughing Ghost?

32 pgs, full color, on sale July 16 $2.95


Ian Edginton (w), Greg Land (p) Jay Leisten (i), Justin Ponsor (c)

Join the new journey with a special stand-alone $1.00 issue! Captured by sinister soldiers serving the wicked warlord Mordath, Arwyn the archer must turn to her hated enemy, the troll warrior known as Bohr! Surrounded and outnumbered, they former foes will have to find a way to fight together... or die together! This is it: your chance to jump onboard one of the industry's best-reviewed titles as new writer Ian Edginton (2000 A.D., X-Force), Greg Land, and the rest of the acclaimed creative team kick off a brand new story arc! "Well worth thrusting under the noses of a non-comics reader who likes Lord of the Rings." -Comics International

32 pgs, full color, on sale July 30 $1.00


Barbara Kesel (w), Paul Ryan (guest penciler) tbd (i), Caesar Rodriguez (c)

Andra fights The First! With one of the seven weapons of Atwaal in her possession, Andra Radiant's hunt for the other six takes her to Elysia, home of The First! Waiting for her: a legion of angry gods who aren't eager to hand over their toys! Be there as some of CrossGen's most powerful characters collide!

32 pgs, full color, on sale July 23 $2.95


Chuck Dixon (w), Jeff Johson (p) Tom Ryder (i), Chris Garcia (c)

An assassin attacks! Spirits haunt Zhumar, but when the city's population attempts to flee, they face the many guns of Hyun Joon! Who is this killer, and why has he targeted Boon Sai Hong? "Between Boon's Jackie Chan-esque martial arts sequences, the diverse and entertaining supporting cast, and the hilarious nagging of Po Po, WAY OF THE RAT continues to prove itself one of the best action movies put on paper." -Aint It Cool News.com

32 pgs, full color, on sale July 9 $2.95

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