CrossGen does its part for the War effort

One of the most important pieces to keeping a military working well is ensuring high morale amongst the troops and CrossGen Comics is doing what they can to help.

Ian M. Feller, CrossGen's Director of Corporate Communications, sent out news of an interesting event that occurred the other day at the CrossGen offices in Tampa, Florida.

"Recently, CrossGen received a ship-to-shore phone call from the morale director aboard the Nimitz class aircraft carrier the U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt, stationed in the Persian Gulf," Feller said. "He told us that many of the sailors aboard the carrier were fans of CrossGen Comics, and because they would not be back to shore for a while, he asked if we could send them some comics to read. How could we say no to America's bravest out there defending our country? We couldn't. So we sent them over 1000 comics and two original posters, signed by our entire staff, to show our support."

Below we've reprinted the accompanying letter plus images of the two posters sent to those aboard the U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt.

"Dear Kirk:

The CrossGen mythos is filled with heroes. There's Ethan from Scion, Gisellefrom Mystic, Sam from Sigil, Capricia from Crux and many others. But none ofthem compare to the real life heroes, all the men and women giving their allto defend our great nation from a cowardly enemy.

On behalf of the 67 CrossGen employees, let me thank all of you forprotecting our freedom and all that we hold dear. Without the heroes of theU.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt and the rest of the United States military, noneof us would be safe to continue with our daily lives.

In appreciation for your dedication, please accept these 10 complete sets ofCrossGen comics as a token of our thanks. We hope that everyone onboard willenjoy these more than 1000 comic books and we are honored that you wouldcontact us and that we could provide all of you some entertainment in thistime of crisis.

We've also included a few posters that have been adapted with you in mindand then signed by the entire CrossGen staff. We wanted all of you to knowthat you are in our hearts and our prayers and through these signatures weare with you in spirit.

Enjoy the comics, be safe and God Bless America.


Ian M. Feller

CrossGen Comics

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