CrossGen debuts 'Way of the Rat #1' online

Official Press Release

TAMPA, FL., May 3, 2002 - In anticipation of the comic book industry'snational Free Comic Book Day celebration on May 4, CrossGen Comics is doingtheir part to draw new readers into comic book stores by placing the firstissue of their new martial arts action series on their Comics on the Webprogram for free, two weeks before its comic store launch.

The previous new release preview placed early on Comic on the Web, The PathPrequel, marked an increase in sales of the comic book and retailers claimedan increase in new traffic to their stores. CrossGen has the sameanticipation for Way of the Rat #1.

"One of the most important pieces of new information we discovered when welaunched The Path Prequel online prior to its reaching stores is that theonline Web comic drove sales in a big way," said CrossGen VP of BusinessDevelopment Tony Panaccio. "Now, the question is what do we do with thatinformation? We'd be somewhat foolish not to use this discovery to helpretailers introduce this book to a whole new audience. As we are signing newpartnerships to Comics on the Web on nearly a weekly basis, it onlylogically follows that premiering Way of the Rat in the free section ofComics on the Web is the best way for CrossGen to direct new CrossGenreaders and new comics readers in general to pick up the new title, which isthe very spirit of Free Comics Day. With our Premier Retailer Programprominently featured in Comics on the Web, we get thousands of clickthroughseach week from new readers looking for local comic shops once they read ouronline versions. These clickthroughs drive foot traffic and sales, andthat's what it's all about."

Way of the Rat #1 will be available on Comics on the Web from May 4 throughits release on May 15. If you are interested in trying this issue, log on towww.comicsontheweb.com and click on "select a title to read."

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