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Continuing its worldwide expansion, CrossGen Comics recently signed a publishing deal with mg/publishing to publishCrossGen's comics for the newsstand, comic shop, and bookstore market in the countries of Germany, Austria, and German speaking parts of Switzerland. mg/publishing will publish the entire line of CrossGen's monthly comics in the same order as they were released in the United States. They will also publish trade paperbacks and compendia editions.

mg/publishing launched their first CrossGen comics on May 29, 2002 at the International Comic-Salon in Erlangen, Germany, one of Germany's two large comic events each year. mg/publishing began with the comic event-exclusive release of CrossGen Chronicles #1 and they helped bolster sales of the line by giving away the free preview book CrossGenesis. In June, mg/publishing began its newsstand, comic shop, and bookstore distribution by releasing Mystic #1, Sigil #1, Scion #1, and Meridian #1. A short time later, mg/publishing introduced the compendia CrossGen Digest, which is the Germanequivalent of CrossGen's compendia Forge and Edge. The agreement also calls for mg/publishing to provide CrossGen with German language translations for CrossGen's Comics on the Web.

Ralph Heinrich, Director of Publishing and Editor-in-Chief of mg/publishing is happy to be involved.

"Since the CrossGen Universe is so complex, but still easy to receive, we expect a great success in Germany for the whole line," Heinrich stated. "We strongly feel that even in this hard time of the market, CrossGen is the only launch that has the potential to be a success, for the readers and for us as the publisher."

According to James Breitbeil, CrossGen's Director of Marketing andDistribution, the signing of this deal is helping the audience of comics grow.

"Since the beginning, CrossGen has strived to bring comics to as manyreaders as possible," Breitbeil said. "With this new agreement withmg/publishing, CrossGen titles are now available in at least 35 foreign countries and in 12 foreign languages. They are available worldwide via comic stores, bookstores, newsstands and through Comics on the Web. That's a substantial step towards achieving our goal."

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