CrossGen Coloring Crew Swaps Series

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Ask anyone in the industry and they'll admit that CrossGen's colorists areamong the best in the biz. But you don't become--and stay--the best byresting on your laurels. That's why, looking to stretch their wings afterlong runs on their respective titles, the CrossGen Coloring Crew has decidedto tackle new challenges by swapping series!

Starting with the issue #21 in August, Eisner award-winner Laura Martin willblast into NEGATION, bringing her talented touch to the wild inhabitants ofthe Sci-Fi thrill-ride. Laura's handpicked successor on RUSE will be FrankD'Armata, who--fresh off CRUX--will continue the distinct look of theVictorian mystery series. Nick Bell will veer off ROUTE 666 to sail theseven seas as he helps launch September's all-new pirate series EL CAZADOR.Finally, to bring the movements full circle, James Rochelle will rocket fromNEGATION into Bell's spot on the acclaimed horror title ROUTE 666.

"RUSE is tough to let go," admitted Martin. "The creative team was one ofthe best and coolest group of guys I've ever had the privilege of workingwith. But there comes a point when a colorist needs a change, to embracesomething completely different."

"From Victorian pastels to Negation-Space psychedelics-that's about asdrastic a change as I can get," continued Martin. "I've been a big fan ofthe book since the Prequel, so I'm itching to dust off the Sci-Fi section ofmy paint box and dive in. James Rochelle set up a heck of a precedent,though--it's a little intimidating!"

"But who would I trust to take care of Simon and Emma? I chose FrankD'Armata," revealed Martin. "Frank's one of the most diverse, talented, andunderrated colorists at CrossGen, and he's earned his shot at a book that Ilove. I can't wait to see Frank bring his unique, velvety richness to theworld of Partington."

"Every creative person is different," explained CrossGen Art Director BartSears. "Some like to grab a particular book, and run with it for years--thematerial never gets old to them, and they keep finding ways to keep theirart fresh and exciting. Others yearn for a new challenge--after working onone project for a couple of years, they feel they have done everything theycan with the work, and feel like their creative progress has come to astandstill...they need a change. We try to work with every creator here, notonly to keep the individual as happy as possible, but also to keep his orher creativity at the highest possible level. Every artist at CrossGen hasimproved since they started here, and--amazingly, at least to me--monthafter month, issue after issue, they just keep getting better."

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