CrossGen changes name, establishes subsidiaries

Official Press Release

[CrossGen Entertainment]As CrossGen continues to develop and expand its creation and delivery ofheroic content across all media formats, the company has changed its namefrom CrossGeneration Comics, Inc. to CrossGen Entertainment, Inc. (CGE).

Since launching in 2000, CGE has shepherded comic books into a variety offormats, and as a result has evolved into a force in the internationalentertainment industry, as evidenced by expanding interests in film,television, video games, the Internet, education, technology, and worldwidelicensing. In an effort to more efficiently and effectively manage thesebusiness lines, CGE has also formed 11 wholly owned subsidiary companies,which represent its broad-based entertainment products and offerings.

"Our 11 subsidiaries are neither spin-offs nor exterior companies that willact independently of CGE," explained CrossGen Entertainment Senior VicePresident of Product Development Tony Panaccio. "Rather, they will functiontogether as interior business units, all working towards CGE's overallgoals. With this arrangement, all current and future projects will bemanaged and guided by our founding principals."

"CrossGen has been, and always will be, dedicated to preserving andexpanding the comic book medium," stated CGE Publisher and CEO Mark Alessi."At the same time, we're also bringing our passion--in a variety offormats--to audiences who have yet to experience how entertaining ourstories can be. And now our name matches how we want the world to perceivecomics--as great entertainment, made for anyone with imagination, a thirstfor adventure, and a hunger for heroes."

CrossGen Entertainment's new subsidiaries are:

CrossGen Intellectual Property, LLC: CGIP holds all CGE content intellectualproperty (IP).

CrossGen Technologies, LLC: CGT holds all CGE technology IP and managestechnology IP creation, development, production, and application.

CrossGen Publishing, LLC: CGPub publishes all print projects, including CGEAncillary, Code 6, CrossGen Universe, and foreign publishing.

Code 6 Comics, LLC: A subsidiary of CGPub, C6C publishes Code 6publications.

CrossGen Comics, LLC: A subsidiary of CGPub, CGC publishes CGU printpublications.

CrossGen Media, LLC: CGM is responsible for feature films, televisionprograms, video games, websites, merchandise, and additional interactiveproducts.

CrossGen Productions, LLC: A subsidiary of CGM, CGP produces feature filmsand television programs.

CrossGen Interactive, LLC: A subsidiary of CGM, CGI is responsible forinteractive publishing, video games, and role-playing games.

MegaCon, LLC: MGC manages the MegaCon convention.

CrossGen Education, LLC: CGEd publishes education materials.

Comics On The Web, LLC: COW is responsible for internet publishing,including Comics On The Web(tm).

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