CrossGen announces creative team for 'The Path'

Official Press Release

TAMPA, FL., August 18, 2001 - After months of speculation on the team linedup to draw CrossGen's February, 2002 release, The Path, that team can now beannounced. The Path will be penciled by Bart Sears, inked by Andy Smith, andcolored by Michael Atiyeh, the existing team working on The First.

With the entire artistic team of The First moving to this new title, a newteam was needed for The First. That team will be penciler Andrea Di Vito,inker Rob Hunter, and colorist Rob Schwager.

Sears was the obvious choice for the title that will be simultaneouslyreleased in the U.S. and Japan because of his flexibility as an artist andhis knowledge of the comic book art-form. His experience and expertise madehim the best artist to serve as ambassador of Western comics to the East.

"Since we began working on The First #1, I knew I wanted a crack at thistitle," said Sears. "I've always had a fascination with Eastern culture andthe storyline Ron [Marz] has lined up is so good, I can't wait to getstarted. I'm happy that I've been chosen as the person whose art will beshowcased to an entirely different culture than our own."

The artistic switch will take place with The First #15, on-sale January 2,2002.

"The fact that we can move Andrea right into this title is a testament tothe success of our associate program," said CrossGen Art Director BrandonPeterson. "Bart has all along been the guy to draw The Path, so we've beengrooming Andrea for The First for a while. His outstanding work on hisrelief issues of Scion and The First sealed the deal."

Di Vito is a product of the CrossGen associate program. He joins SteveMcNiven as the two graduates who have moved on to their own titles. DiVito's recent work in the pages of Scion and The First made the choice tomove Bart Sears an easier one. His style is comparable to that of Sears andwill help make the transition from one to the other that much smoother forreaders of The First.

"It is a bit frightening to take over this book after seeing what Bart hasstarted," said Di Vito. "But I'm looking forward to this opportunity. I'veworked very hard to get to this point and know that I've grown since joiningCrossGen. I'm ready for the challenge."

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