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Cronin Theory of Comics – You Really Don’t HAVE to Argue Every Silly Point Out There

by  in Comic News Comment
Cronin Theory of Comics – You Really Don’t HAVE to Argue Every Silly Point Out There

Yes, this is a general thing, too, it is not just about comic book blogging, but about any sort of blogging or message board posting, as well.

You don’t HAVE to argue every silly point out there.


Lord knows that I don’t.

If I don’t think a point is worth dignifying with a response, I don’t. I just leave it at that.

I know there is this feeling that if someone says something and it isn’t responded to, then it somehow, like, gains validity – like, “No one told Poster X his point was idiotic – therefore, if we are not there to say it is NOT true then it must BE true!” It doesn’t work like that. A dumb argument is a dumb argument, whether you respond to it or not.

That is not to say that you should not engage people with whom you disagree. Of course you should. If you disagree with someone on a point, go right ahead – argue the point. But only if you think the other person’s position is worth arguing. Otherwise, there’s nothing to be really gained. One of the hallmarks of this blog (I hope, at least) is to further intelligent discussion – if you’re dealing with someone who you don’t think is furthering the discussion, then do not bother with him/her. And especially don’t pull the ol’ “I’m responding just to tell you that I’m not responding to you” – no, don’t – just don’t respond period. I know it will make you feel like they’re “getting away” with something by not having their delusional rantings challenged, but they’re not – their point is just as stupid, so what do they get out of it? They’re the ones with the dumb point- there is no “victory” there.

Likewise, I’m totally cool if you think someone says something offensive and you want to respond. That’s totally different than making a ridiculous argument, that’s actually saying something rude or cruel or whatever. Feel free to take issue with that (like that guy we had awhile back who was calling gay people an insulting term).

But if it’s just someone making a dumb point, trust me, it will not give their silly position validity by not responding to them.

So I don’t think you should bother.

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