Cronin Theory of Comics - Writers are More "Famous" on the Internet

Comic book writers appear to have more of a presence on the internet than comic book artists. Now, of course, there are very popular artists who are on the same level as the most popular writers - guys like Jim Lee, John Byrne, Todd McFarlane, George Perez, Walt Simonson, Frank Miller, etc.

However, the second tier writers appear to be on a different level than the second tier artist - on the internet, at least.

To wit, Jason Aaron is basically a household name on the blogosphere while R.M. Guera is much less so.

Now there's many different possible reasons for this.

As noted in the last post, writers work on more books, so they have more chances to get their names out there, so while Jason Aaron and R.M. Guera are both big parts of Scalped, Aaron also can do multiple other books to get attention, while Guera has just Scalped.


In addition, writers seem to do more interviews than most artists [EDITED TO ADD: And yes, their main skill - writing - also comes in quite handy in a written medium such as the internet].

Whatever the reason, this directly affects my picks for A Month of Writing Stars. While for the Artist Month I was able to pick guys like Pete Woods and Steve Lieber and actually have people say stuff like "Wow, this guy is good, I will check out his work!", the comparable writers to those guys would be people like Jason Aaron or Dan Slott, and those writers are clearly too famous to spotlight on something like this ("You folks should really check out this Matt Fraction guy. Did you ever hear of Christos Gage?")

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