Cronin Theory of Comics - Good Art Better Transcends Bad Material

Another "problem" I have had looking at writers to feature for the Month of Writing Stars is that there are a number of writers that I like a lot who have somewhat of a spotty reputation because they worked on terrible projects. However, the artists who worked on those projects tend to escape unscathed in the critical opinion, because it seems that it is a lot easier for a good artist to transcend a terrible project than it is a good writer.

It seems to me that the mainstream writers who are on the lower tier than the (let's say Jason Aaron because I used him for the last one - do note, though, that these things are always changing - the hot writer of today was usually the "I'll take anything you have!" writer of yesterday) Jason Aarons of the world, they have to take pretty much any assignment given to them, so they end up pulling some awful assignments that end up being bad because the material is so weak. And they end up being knocked for not "saving" the project while the artist is just that artist who drew that awful comic by that writer.

So just keep that in mind if I happen to pick some writers this month who have some pretty bad comics on their resumes.

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