Cronin Theory of Comics - Dr. Strange Isn't a Walking Plot Device

Dr. Strange is a fine character, so I would like for comics, when they use Dr. Strange, to actually USE Dr. Strange. Except for Peter Milligan in the recent X-Statix mini-series (and that was more of a co-starring role than a guest appearance), when writers use Dr. Strange, it seems to boil down to the following:

1. Either Dr. Strange is there as a deus ex machina to wrap a plot up, a la Avengers Disassembled


2. Dr. Strange gets beat up quickly so that the heroes of the book can save the day, a la every other comic book.

Quite often, Dr. Strange gets beat up in what appears to be an attempt to show how powerful the bad guy is. But Dr. Strange is REALLY powerful!! So it just makes him look silly when everyone keeps beating him up.

This was repeated in this week's Ms. Marvel, where Dr. Strange gets beat up by the bad guy Ms. Marvel has to stop (besides him getting beat up, though, Strange was handled quite well by writer Brian Reed).

Why not just use Dr. Strange when you have a story that requires Dr. Strange to DO something?

He's a really cool character. And it is my assertion that he should be used to demonstrate WHY he is such a cool character.

Hopefully, Brian K. Vaughan and Marcos Martin will show us all with their upcoming mini-series!

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