Critically acclaimed creator Scott Morse invades OniPress.com

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This month veteran animator and Eisner-nominated creator Scott Morse is taking over two of OniPress.com's most popular features. Kicking things off, Oni has made the first 28 pages of Morse's epic graphic novel series SOULWIND available as a printable PDF as part of their ongoing Free Comic program. And on July 15 Morse takes over the reins of Oni's Sunday Comics with the first of four new exclusive MAGIC PICKLE strips.

"The HOPELESS SAVAGES and KILLER PRINCESSES Sunday comics and the BLUE MONDAY and BARRY WEEN Free Comics have all been a tremendous success for us the last few months," commented Oni Press web guru and MAGIC PICKLE editor James Lucas Jones. "This will give fans another opportunity to get a small taste of both a great upcoming project and a completed epic just waiting to be discovered."

"MAGIC PICKLE is something totally different than anything I've done in comics," Morse said. "It's obviously more light hearted than my work on SOULWIND and VOLCANIC REVOLVER. It's my chance to do something that's fun and goofy and exciting and heartwarming. It's my chance to do something anyone can enjoy, regardless of age or background."

"Scott first showed me MAGIC PICKLE at a store signing last spring," commented Oni Press publisher Joe Nozemack. "I knew as soon as I saw it that it would fit in perfectly with JETCAT CLUBHOUSE and ALISON DARE to form a stunning little all-ages trifecta. Scott's already turned in the first two issues and they're just as great as we hoped they would be. I couldn't wait for people to get their first taste of the Pickle. Now, I don't have to."

"The fact that all-new, all-ages material is being showcased alongside a sample of Scott's epic and genre-spanning SOULWIND work really just goes to show what a diverse talent Scott is," concluded Jones. "People who check out OniPress.com this month are going to see the work of two very different Scott Morses and I'll be surprised if they don't fall in love with both."

The 28-page SOULWIND preview is currently available at http://www.onipress.com/freecomic. The first MAGIC PICKLE strip appears at http://www.onipress.com/exclusives.shtml Sunday, July 15.

SOULWIND I: THE KID FROM PLANET EARTH is a104-page, black-and-white, digest-sized trade paperback that retails for $8.50 US. It is currently available to comic stores everywhere through both Diamond and Cold Cut Distribution.

MAGIC PICKLE is a series of four 32-page, black-and-white comics with full-color, painted covers by Morse. Each issue retails for $2.95 US. The first issue is available in comic shops September 12, 2001

Source: Oni Press

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