Critical Role: The Legend of Vox Machina Kickstarter Soars Past Its Goal

Dungeon Master Matthew Mercer and company are getting animated. The crew from Geek and Sundry's Critical Role launched a Kickstarter on Monday with the hopes of creating an animated special featuring Vox Machina, the group's first band of fictional adventurers. After just two days, the Critical Role team has more than achieved their target goal.

With a projected target of $75,000 to be raised over 45 days, the campaign has already pulled in over $5 million in about 45 hours. That they exceeded their goal isn't shocking considering how much money the project raises for charity on the show every week, but to exceed it by so much so quickly is a bit staggering.

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Check out their pitch video below.

New stretch goals have already been established, most notably additional episodes. What was meant to be one 30-minute special will now likely turn into several episodes.

Backer rewards include digital downloads, art prints, dice, cards, pins, stickers and even a stuffed Trinket (the group's bear). On the high-end tier is admission to a private launch party, a free trip to Los Angeles and even a producer credit on the special.

Critical Role is a web series in which professional voice actors play the Dungeons & Dragons board game. Among the cast is Ashley Johnson, who starred in Growing Pains as Chrissy Seaver and currently appears on NBC's Blindspot. She also played the waitress that Cap saves in The Avengers.

The rest of the cast may be less immediately recognizable, but have all done extensive voice work in animation and video games, compiling over 2000 credits between them. Travis Willingham, for example, has over 100 credits as the voice of Thor in various games and cartoons for Marvel over the last 15 years.

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The Critical Role show began airing on Geek and Sundry's YouTube channel back in 2015 and has since amassed millions of weekly viewers. In their first campaign (they are currently on their second) they played as a group that called itself Vox Machina. Mercer is the architect of the adventures, acting as DM for the group.

The Kickstarter campaign will continue until Friday, April 19 and is expected to far exceed current totals by then. Seeing as it's already at 685 percent of its original goal, when all is said and done, they could be putting out a whole season of shows.

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