Critical Care Comics fundraiser a success

Last week we reported on the moving story behind Critical Care Comics, a new, Las Vegas-based organization that hopes to put comic books in the hands of hospital patients who can use the distraction and inspiration. At the time, I spoke with Jason Golden, the group's founder about his plans for a fund-drive this past weekend. He was hoping to raise $450 to cover the legal fees around getting the 501(c)3 license needed to operate as a legitimate non-profit organization.

Jason emailed me yesterday to report on how  the event went: "Saturday was a blast. The day started at 4 am with KTNV Channel 13 News escorted by Darth Vader (which was really a buddy of mine who owns the sweetest Darth Vader costume I have ever seen). The bands were all excellent; the comedians were great. The event lasted well past 11 pm."

You can check out the KTNV interview with Golden (and Vader) at the channel's website, but the important news is the success of the drive. Golden reports that they brought in over 4000+ comics and - through sales of homemade shirts and a bake sale - almost $500, enough funds to start the paperwork on the license.

Golden also says that they made a lot of contacts and drew more support. "Gave a lot of hugs and made a lot of friends," he says. They've also been guaranteed a booth at the Las Vegas Comic Expo in September.

"Hospitals are slowly showing support," he continues, "mainly through the push of the specialists and doctors. I should know more in the coming weeks. Talking to a web designer today for the website, so that should look better soon. The organization's bank account to be set up this week." There's also great news for people from around the country who want to support the effort: "When the website is up we'll have a PayPal link for monetary donations. We are getting alot of request for cash donations online."

Golden's also found a partner who's willing to help him expand Critical Care's reach into California. Sergio Porras is an EMT and comic book fan in Fresno who's stepped up to start the movement there. That puts Critical Care in three states so far, including a branch in Phoenix, Arizona.

"Trying to figure out how to balance CCC and a full time job is my current dilemma," Golden concludes. "Looking back now it's hard to believe its only been six weeks since I started this."

We wish him the best of luck and will keep you updated as other opportunities to help arise.

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