Crisis on Infinite Earths: Stephen Amell Wants Tom Welling in the Crossover

The CW's highly anticipated Crisis on Infinite Earths Arrowverse crossover is slated to begin later this year, and Arrow star Stephen Amell revealed he'd be interested in seeing a familiar face play the role of Superman in the upcoming event.

“I would want Tom Welling,” Amell said in an interview at Comic-Con International in San Diego. “I want what the fans want.”

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Welling played the role of young Clark Kent on The WB's (now The CW) Smallville for ten seasons from 2001 to 2011. The character of Superman didn't appear until the series finale, however, and Welling only appeared as the character in one brief close-up scene. The only full shot of Welling in costume was done through post-production CGI effects.

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While Amell believes fans would want to see Welling finally appear as the Man of Steel, Welling himself doesn't necessarily feel the same way. Welling has previously stated that he had no interest in ever donning Superman's iconic costume, and worked to prevent the costume from making an appearance on the show until the very end.

The Arrowverse showrunners have already announced that the role of Superman will be played by Brandon Routh, who also played the character in 2006's Superman Returns. Routh also stars as Ray Palmer, aka The Atom, on DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

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Notably, the Arrowverse already has a Superman -- Tyler Hoechlin occasionally appears as the Man of Steel on Supergirl, and will also return as the character in the crossover.

Such is the way of multiversal events, so an appearance by Welling as yet another version of Superman can't be ruled out.

Slated to begin in Fall 2019 on The CW, "Crisis on Infinite Earths" currently has no announced air date. However, the event will span five hours, with Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow and Batwoman all participating. "Crisis on Infinite Earths" will seemingly be split around the winter hiatus.

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