Doppledankers: 18 Hilarious Crisis On Earth-X Memes

We truly are living in the age of superheroes. Just think about it. The MCU has been around since 2008, the DCEU started its run in 2013 and the Arrowverse has been expanding since 2014. Not to mention the X-Men franchise which has finally started producing bankable movies. Marvel has been building their universe on both TV and the big screen. However, while the majority will agree that Marvel has pretty much won the battle when it comes to movies, DC Comics might have an advantage over Marvel on the small screen. Although Marvel's Netflixverse has some pretty amazing shows, their team-up miniseries The Defenders was kind of underwhelming.

On the other hand, a shared TV universe is something the CW shows do incredibly well. The Arrowverse certainly has its shortcomings, but they know how to do a good crossover. The first Arrowverse crossover, back in 2014, only had two shows to work with, however, their 2017 crossover event titled Crisis on Earth-X included characters from all four shows. Dubbed by many as the best Justice League movie of 2017, Crisis on Earth-X was indeed a spectacle by all standards. If you're already craving more crossover episodes, here are 18 hilarious Crisis on Earth-X memes to fill the void.

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Crisis on Earth-X Oliver Super Speed
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Crisis on Earth-X Oliver Super Speed

Crisis on Earth-X had some pretty hilarious lines. Kara reacting to the fact that her Earth-X doppelganger is married to Oliver with "gross", Felicity’s hilarious reference to The Man in the High Castle, everything about Sara and Alex, all Leo scenes and so much more. However, there’s something especially entertaining about Oliver Queen unintentionally cracking jokes seconds before battle.

When the Arrowverse Trinity heads to battle their evil doppelgangers, Supergirl and Flash arrive almost at the exact same moment and realize they’re still one team member short. To pass the time, Kara starts whistling and we hear Oliver’s motorcycle approaching. Green Arrow arrives shortly, parks his bike, gets in the center position and gives his superpowered colleagues a quick reminder, just for future reference.


Crisis on Earth-X Flash Nazi Pun

OK, this picture of Grant Gustin has to be among the most memable celebrity images ever. Who knows what the hell the actor had in mind while posing for this photo but it has provided us with lots of laughs over the years so we don’t really care. The latest meme in the series of Grant Gustin Hey Girl memes is of course about Crisis on Earth-X.

We already know that Captain Cold is a huge fan of puns, however, we had no idea Barry likes to use them too. It is possible that his friendship with Snart, and now Leo influenced Barry to some degree. In any case, as puns go, this one is actually pretty solid. You have to at the very least giggle at Barry’s Nazi pun, if for nothing else than for the silly look on his face.


Crisis on Earth-X Evil Doppelgangers Oprah

Ever since The Flash introduced us to the wonders of time travel and the multiverse, we’ve been seeing a plethora of evil doppelgangers -- Black Siren, Deathstorm Reverb from and so on. However, the Crisis on Earth-X crossover introduced us to even more doppelgangers -- both good and bad.

Apart from the Fuhrer, the Dark Arrow, and his lovely wife, General Overgirl, we got to see Winn’s considerably less adorable doppelganger, Captain Lance’s extremely evil doppelganger and the return of Tommy Merlyn but in Nazi edition. Watching our heroes come to terms with evil versions of themselves and their loved ones was indeed a thrilling ride, so we’re not even upset that there were so many evil doppelgangers. After all, that was the point of the crossover.


Crisis on Earth-X Oliver Felicity Kara

Kara and Oliver kissed during the 2017 Arrowverse crossover and absolutely no one liked it, including Kara herself. While Oliver kept his thoughts to himself, probably to be a gentleman, it is safe to say that the idea did not thrill him either. They were so icky about the relationship between their evil selves that at the end they merely exchanged a handshake.

But the romantic relationship between Kara and Oliver’s Earth-X doppelgangers has inspired anonymous comedians to create some pretty hilarious memes. In the 2016 crossover Felicity observed the similarity between herself and Kara, commenting "It’s like looking into a mirror." Well, as it turns out she’s not the only one to notice the resemblance. Apparently, Oliver Queen has a type -- dorky blondes.


Crisis on Earth-X Flash Barry Allen Jay Garrick

Barry Allen and Iris West’s wedding was well-attended. All of their family members and closest friends were by their side, yet it was impossible not to notice one significant absence. While watching episode after episode of the crossover event we kept expecting Jay Garrick to pop up. However, the moment never came. The Flash from Earth-2 was visibly absent from Crisis on Earth-X and we can’t help but wonder why.

If Kara and Alex could make it to the wedding all the way from their Earth, how come Jay didn't come? Is it possible that he wasn’t invited? While we can understand that the rest of Team Arrow and the Legends didn’t get an invitation, we can’t possibly imagine Jay not being on the guest list. For God’s sake, even Mick Rory was invited!


Crisis on Earth-X Batman Christian Bale

If you’ve seen Nolan’s Batman Begins (and you really should), you no doubt remember this conversation between Bruce Wayne and his loyal butler, Alfred Pennyworth. Bruce had only started his after-dark activities and Alfred isn’t exactly on board with them. The butler starts lecturing his young master about his reckless behavior that is being televised to which Bruce has the perfect response for making memes.

This scene is being used to create memes when there’s a need to praise something that’s on TV. Since the Arrowverse crossover event Crisis on Earth-X blew everyone away with its awesomeness it was only a matter of time until someone created this meme. Apart from being hilarious, it speaks the truth, because Crisis on Earth-X was indeed damn good television.


Crisis on Earth-X Supergirl Superman

The Arrowverse loves paying homage to what came before it. John Wesley Shipp who played the Flash in the 1990 The Flash TV show started out as Barry’s father and now plays Jay Garrick, the Earth-2 Flash. Supergirl featured a number of actors who previously appeared on Smallville and Lois and Clark, as well as Lynda Carter, the former TV Wonder Woman.

Not surprisingly, Crisis on Earth-X didn’t disappoint when it comes to paying homage. This time, Supergirl repeated her cousin’s words from Superman II. In the second Superman movie, Superman asked General Zod to step outside and Supergirl kind of quoted him, asking Overgirl to join her out in the skies. While this reference may have escaped casual viewers, real fans caught it immediately.


Crisis on Earth-X Oliver Felicity Supergirl

While Kara may have been grossed out by the idea of Oliver and her being in a romantic relationship, Ollie did not protest as much. Perhaps he really does have a thing for nerdy blondes and dating Kara doesn’t seem all that outrageous to him. Could it be that Oliver developed a little crush on the Girl of Steel? Well, if he did, we can’t say we blame him. Kara is pretty amazing.

Apparently, someone out there thinks Oliver might have a thing for Kara and used the immensely popular Distracted Boyfriend meme to share his theory with us. But whether you think Oliver likes Kara or not (spoiler alert: he doesn’t), you can’t deny that this is one hell of a meme. Especially Oliver’s "not bad" face.


Crisis on Earth-X Doppelgangers

The series of '60s Spider-Man memes is an awesome bunch of memes you should definitely be familiar with. This one is called Spider-Man Pointing at Spider-Man and gained widespread popularity when people started using it to describe funny situations in which two people who are very similar meet. What a perfect meme for a crossover event that is all about doppelgangers.

This meme perfectly sums up the events of the crossover. While meeting yourself may be a common occurrence for Barry and the Legends, Oliver and Kara are not that used to seeing their doppelgangers. Not that seeing a Nazi version of yourself shouldn't affect you. Evil doppelgangers kept popping up left and right during the Arrowverse crossover and while we may have enjoyed it our heroes most certainly did not.


Oliver Queen isn’t exactly what you would call a happy-go-lucky guy. His constant brooding is on par with that of Bruce Wayne and when he gets angry you don’t want to be in his vicinity. However, as unpleasant as Oliver can get, he doesn’t come even remotely close to his Earth-X doppelganger. Over the course of four episodes, the Dark Arrow has yelled at pretty much everyone he considers weak. In his fit of rage, the Earth-X Oliver called quite a few people, and the Earth-1 humanity in general, weak.

A fan of the show thought Oliver calling everyone weak was funny enough to create a meme. As hilarious as this meme is, it is also a quite accurate. Seriously, Mr. Fuhrer you need to chill.


Crisis on Earth-X Barry Iris Jay

Why exactly wasn’t Jay at the wedding? Did Barry and Iris forget to invite him? Did he have some previous engagement he couldn’t get out of? Did his invitation somehow get lost? Who knows. The thing is, he wasn’t there and that’s about it. But we really do think Jay would feel left out and hurt had he really not been invited to Barry's wedding.

Hopefully, the writers will find some way around it and explain his absence in one of the following episodes and everything will make sense once again. Until then we’re left with this heartbreaking image of the forgotten Jay Garrick. After everything the man’s done for you Barry how could you possibly forget to invite him? Shame on you, young man.


Crisis on Earth-X Black Panther

The Avengers: Infinity War trailer is finally out and the first thing we do is create memes. After all, that is the primary use of the internet in this day and age -- to maintain a meticulous record of an unfathomable number of memes. Black Panther’s words from the Infinity War trailer have been used to advocate for so many different things that at this point T’Challa seems to be having a Christmas Giveaway.

During the Arrowverse crossover, Jax lost his Firestorm powers and we were introduced to Earth-X Kara who needs a heart transplant. Good guy Black Panther immediately calls for Jax to be given powers and Kara a new heart. But the bottom image is particularly interesting. Flash’s new recruit Ralph Dibny was nowhere to be found during the crisis. Is it possible that he missed out on the action because he doesn’t have a supersuit?


Crisis on Earth-X Barry Iris Oliver Felicity Wedding

Heading into the crossover event we expected to see Barry Allen and Iris West tie the knot in a beautiful ceremony surrounded by their friends and family. However, their dream wedding was rudely interrupted by Nazis from another Earth, of all people, and it had to be put on hold until the invaders were dealt with.

Once the Nazis were back where they belong, Barry and Iris we’re ready to finally get married. Diggle was brought to perform the ceremony, which was interrupted again. This time by Felicity who wanted Diggle to marry her and Oliver too. Everyone seemed happy about the double wedding, however, it kind of felt like Felicity and Oliver stole Iris and Barry's thunder, as Monica from Friends would say.


Crisis on Earth-X Flash Reverse-Flash

If you have a brother or a sister you know that getting along with them is not always the easiest task. While adult siblings tend to get along just fine, for the most part, same cannot be said for children. Whether it’s about getting attention, playing with a certain toy or just for fun, siblings tend to fight a lot during childhood.

But even though your parents can’t always keep you in check, they sure won’t let you two fight when it’s time to take a picture. Grant Gustin and Tom Cavanagh look like brothers on the behind the scenes photo, however, the screenshot from the episode shows how brothers behave when no one’s watching. A hilarious meme that those who know what it means to have a sibling will especially appreciate.


Crisis on Earth-X Harry Wells Flash Supergirl

Whenever Barry couldn’t figure out what to do to defeat his enemies, such as Reverse-Flash or Zoom, his mentor Harrison Wells would offer his familiar piece of advice -- "Run, Barry, run." The saying became somewhat of a motivational quote Team Flash uses whenever Barry needs to push a little harder.

However, inspiring Barry is not the only thing Harry Wells can do. The Earth-2 Wells may not talk much, but when he does it’s always to say something awesome. During the final battle against the Earth-X Nazis, Supergirl went toe to toe with her doppelganger Overgirl. Due to Overgirl’s condition she was about to blow the Earth till Kingdom Come and Kara didn’t know what to do. Luckily, Wells was there to offer some very familiar advice.


Crisis on Earth-X Supergirl Superman The Atom

OK, so our Earth is under attack by Nazis from an alternate Earth and our mightiest protector Superman is nowhere to be found? Just like most of us, Kara too expected her cousin to show up. After the Earth-X Nazis kidnapped Kara with the intention to take her heart, she told Eobard Thawne that her cousin would come to save her.

The Man of Steel didn’t show up, however, someone else was there to save the Girl of Steel. The Atom came out of nowhere and saved Kara's life in the nick of time. As we all know, actor Brandon Routh who plays the Atom also played Superman. The fans were quick to notice this little reference and of course a meme was created to commemorate it.


Crisis on Earth-X Flash Supergirl Green Arrow

The Arrowverse is full of heroes all of which have their own unique personalities, fighting styles, as well as views on justice. Supergirl is basically a god among humans and could easily kill people if she wanted to. The Flash too has the power to end someone’s life very easily. On the other hand, Green Arrow doesn’t have any superpowers, but he’s proven to be both capable and willing to take a life.

In season one, Oliver killed a bunch of people from his father’s naughty list. During the five years he was "stranded on Lian Yu" Ollie was responsible for countless deaths. So, when it came down to killing his own doppelganger, Oliver didn’t hesitate. While Kara and Barry refused to kill, Oliver put an arrow straight through his doppelganger’s chest.


Crisis on Earth-X Martin Stein Titanic

Titanic references were plentiful on Legends of Tomorrow and as Victor Garber himself they too will be dearly missed. In one of the third season episodes, the Legends find an anachronism aboard the Titanic and discuss fixing it. However, Dr. Stein is quick to protest the idea proclaiming that the person who built the Titanic ought to be shot.

In case you don’t know, Victor Garber played Thomas Andrews the man who built the Titanic in James Cameron’s Academy Award-winning film. At the time our reaction was something like Captain America's "Hey I got that reference". But little did we know. Stein seems to have tempted fate and during the Crisis on Earth-X event he was shot dead. Someone out there clearly found this to be quite poetic and created this hilarious and a bit morbid meme.

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