Did Crisis On Earth-X Quietly Introduce Another Legionnaire?


WARNING: This article contains spoilers for The CW’s Crisis on Earth-X crossover event.

In the wake of the bombastic "Crisis on Earth-X," the heroes of The CW's roster of DC Comics television shows have seen some highs and lows. Barry Allen and Iris West finally got married, as did Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak, while the legends lost one of their own as Professor Martin Stein was killed in action against the Nazis of Earth-X. In all of the hubbub, explosions and even doppelgangers of the crossover, one potentially key scene occurred right at the beginning of the event as a waitress at Barry and Iris’ ceremony seemed all to excited to be present for the wedding of a crime scene investigator and former(?) journalist.

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The waitress in question seemed to know more about Barry than she was letting on, and while The CW shows are many things, subtle is not one of them. Judging by their brief conversation, it’s clear that she’s from the future and is aware of the momentous occassion occuring that day and earlier in the week we theorised that it may have been Dawn Allen, Barry and Iris’ future daughter and one half of the Tornado Twins. However, there’s a few more prospective DC characters she could be with the most likely candidate being XS, Barry Allen’s granddaughter and member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

XS AKA Jenni Ognats was introduced in Legionnaires #0 following the Zero Hour event which changed the Legion of Super-Heroes’ continuity to what became known as the Reboot Legion. Jenny was the daughter of Dawn Allen and Jeven Ognats, born in the 30th century. While she didn’t have any signs of super-speed at first, she was kidnapped and experimented on by The Dominators — of last year’s “Invasion!” crossover which activated the latent super-speed that members of the Allen family posesses. She later joined the Legion of Super-Heroes and occassionally teamed up with the present day Flash Family, including her cousin Bart, AKA Impulse, who was living in the era to learn to better control her powers.

The main case against it being Jenni is that the Legion is currently Supergirl’s thing, and if any new members were to pop-up, it’d likely be on Supergirl’s Earth. However, this could be a way to tie the two Earths together. If it’s revealed that they share a future, maybe one day a certain Crisis will merge the worlds of The Flash and Supergirl and bring the franchises closer together. The creators of The Flash could also tap into a retcon wielded by Geoff Johns in Final Crisis: The Legion of Three Worlds where it was revealed that XS was actually from Earth-1, but her family retreated to a different world in order to escape the Reverse Flash. A similar plot point could be used here to tie the future of the Legion of Super-Heroes with the present of The Flash and Supergirl.

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There are some other candidates that are less likely than XS but would be interesting to see, and both of them are called Iris West. One such Iris West was introduced in The Kingdom as the daughter of Wally West and future Kid Flash, while the other was also the daughter of Wally but was an in-continuity addition to the family along with her twin brother Jai. Iris — or Irey as she was referred to — eventually went on to become the second Impulse, which would line-up with the scatterbrained and motormouth waitress that Barry met at the wedding and as funny as it would be to see Barry grapple with being a grandfather, it’d be hilarious to see Wally deal with having a daughter his same age and it would give the criminally underutilised Keiynan Lonsdale something to do this season.

Whoever the mystery waitress is, it seems like we’ve definitely not seen the last of her. Played by Jessica Parker Kennedy of Black Sails, it’s likely the showrunners have tapped her for a meatier role than the cameo of this episode and therefore whatever connection she has to The Flash family it’s likely to be substantial while throwing a wrench in the lives of The Flash family and the staff of STAR Labs.

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