Arrowverse: Crisis on Earth-X's Dark Flash Explained

spoiler warning: this article contains major spoilers for "crisis on earth-x, part 2," the second episode of this year's arrowverse crossover.

in "crisis on earth-x," this year's arrowverse crossover, earth-x's dark flash revealed a surprising fact about himself: he is not, in fact, from earth-x. rather, he is earth-1's eobard thawne, the same reverse flash that barry allen has fought over several seasons of the flash. he unmasked himself in the second episode of the multiversal crossover event, much to barry's horror.

"thawne," barry said with dread.

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"direct from earth-1!" thawne crowed, gesturing towards his face. "do you like my face?"

"that's the face you were wearing when i became the flash," barry admitted.

"i thought i'd put it on again. you know, for old times' sake," thawne said, then gestured to his face again. "plus: handsome."

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"i watched you die," barry spat.

"or did you? with time travel, barry, it's so very confusing," thawne explained. "i always seem to be saying that to you, don't i?"

even if this thawne is lying, barry seems convinced that the two are one and the same. "the thawne from our earth is working with them," he confirmed to the team in star labs, which suggests that barry at least believes earth-x's dark flash is indeed from earth-1.

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at the end of the episode, dark flash dredged the past back up again after he helped capture barry and his friends. "well, here we are! this is fun -- for me. not so much for you," he chuckled, pointing at barry. "all the times you've killed me, and now here all i have to do is kill you once." of course, dark flash didn't kill the arrowverse's heroes and instead returned to earth-x with them, dropping them off in a concentration camp to hold them there as leverage.

thawne may not be from earth-x, but his compatriots -- overgirl and dark archer -- certainly are. since thawne is generally out for himself, it's unclear what his endgame is here.

this year’s four-part crossover “crisis on earth-x” will air across two nights, beginning monday, nov. 27 with supergirl and arrow (on a special night for one week only) and concluding tuesday, nov. 28 with the flash and legends of tomorrow.

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