Crisis on Infinite Earths' Monitor Warns His 'Big Brother' Is Coming

Monitor in Arrowverse Elseworlds crossover

The Arrowverse may introduce the Anti-Monitor as part of "Crisis on Infinite Earths," with the Monitor actor LaMonica Garrett hinting to CBR about the arrival of his character's "big brother" in this year's five-show crossover.

The Anti-Monitor, of course, is the primary antagonist in the 1985-1986 comic book event Crisis on Infinite Earths, rebooted the DC Universe's history and created a single universe through the destruction of the Multiverse. A being of unimaginable power, the Anti-Monitor was behind the multiverse's demise, so it would certainly make sense for the character to make his Arrowverse debut in the CW crossover.

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Asked whether will appear in any other Arrowverse shows besides Arrow, Garrett revealed his warning about the Crisis to come. "I will be bouncing around the universe, just to remind people, like, 'Hey, I got a big brother. He's coming,' you know?'" he teased.

However, when asked directly, Garrett wouldn't confirm the Anti-Monitor's arrival. "As a fan, I know all about that. He's the biggest of the biggest of the bads," he said. "And if he does make an appearance in Crisis, I think that'll shut the internet down, as a fan. Like, that's just the Anti-Monitor. That's what it's all about. We'll see. You know, who knows if it's coming, but I'm looking forward to it."

Garrett made his debut as The Monitor, also known as Mar Novu, in the Supergirl Season 4 episode "Bunker Hill," which led directly into the 2018 Arrowverse crossover "Elseworlds." The cosmic entity drove the story, bestowing the reality-altering Book of Destiny upon individuals on different Earths across the multiverse, to test them in preparation for an impending crisis.

According to Mar Novu, Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) is destined to die in "Crisis on Infinite Earths." Ending speculation, Amell confirmed in March that Arrow will end with its 10-episode eighth season.

Garrett reprised his role as The Monitor in May for cameos in the season finales of Arrow, Supergirl and DC's Legends of Tomorrow, in an homage of sorts to homage of sorts to DC's original Crisis on Infinite Earths. In the build-up to the 1985 comic book crossover, the character made appearances across the publishing line, beginning in 1982 in The New Teen Titans #21.

Scheduled to air this fall on The CW, "Crisis on Infinite Earths" will envelope Arrow, Supergirl, The Flash, DC's Legends of Tomorrow and Batwoman. Expect more details later today at Comic-Con International in San Diego, during The CW's highly anticipated Arrowverse presentation.

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