"Crisis" Hardcover Recalled

Snatched from the hands of fans who'd waited 13 years for it to be collected and reprinted, the "Crisis on Infinite Earths" hardcover collection has been recalled by DC Comics the week it was due to arrive in stores.

A printing error in the "Monitor Tapes" section is the culprit. Part of the much-hyped restoration of the collection was adding inks to the previously only pencilled sequence, which runs along the bottom of the pages in issue 10. One of the newly inked portions was repeated on two pages, and the recalled books will have a corrected page glued atop it.

The panel in question originally appeared at the bottom of issue 10, page 12, and featured Jack Kirby's Forever People. The panel from the previous page, featuring Tommy Tomorrow, was reprinted on it instead.

The corrected collections should be in American stores by mid-February, according to DC Comics.

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