"Crimson" Rises Early

A Cliffhanger comic ships early.

That wasn't a misprint: A Cliffhanger comic will be arriving in stores not just on time, but early.

Of course, it helps that the book is "Crimson," which unlike its siblings "Danger Girl" and "Battlechasers," isn't running months behind the schedule originally announced when the line debuted as a creator-owned imprint of Wildstorm last year.

DC Comics, which now owns Wildstorm and publishes the Cliffhanger books, announced this week that "Crimson" #9, by Brian Augustyn and Humberto Ramos, will be arriving a week early, on March 24.

"Battlechasers" #5, originally solicited for September 30, 1998, is due to arrive the next week. "Danger Girl" #5, originally solicited for February 24, 1999, has not been placed back on the schedule.

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