Criminal #4

Story by
Art by
Sean Phillips
Cover by
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A woman in trouble, friends on the run from cops and mobsters, and a secret no one is prepared to face!

All this and more await readers in the beginning of a hard-hitting new noir tale "Bad Night" Part 1 of 4, as CRIMINAL's new expanded format keeps the hits coming!

Five years ago, Jake was a happy family man, long-retired from the life of crime he grew up in, and then the police made him the prime suspect in a horrible crime and ripped his life apart. Now, years later, Jake is less than a shadow of his former self, a hopeless insomniac who walks the city streets at night. But one night, he walks into the wrong place at the right time, and his whole life changes again... For the better or the worse, is the question.

And on top of this longer-than-usual length main story, CRIMINAL now features an expanded back-pages section, as well �" with articles by Brubaker and other top crime writers, from novelists to screenwriters to comic writers. These noir articles have become a popular piece of the CRIMINAL package, and are something that can only be found in the comics, not in any collections.

So don't miss out on the start of a new story arc in the most acclaimed crime comic on the stands!

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