Crime Syndicate Features In Reis & Prado's "Forever Evil" #1 Variants

Last week's "Justice League" #23 served as the conclusion to DC Comics' "Trinity War," but it was really only the beginning. The conclusion of the issue revealed the masterminds behind the entire Trinity War: Earth-3's Crime Syndicate: Owlman, Ultraman, Superwoman, Johnny Quick, Power Ring, Deathstorm and Atomica. In fact, the issue wasn't so much a conclusion as it was a lead-in to "Forever Evil" #1 written by Geoff Johns with art by David Finch.

Three variant covers for "Forever Evil" #1 by Ivan Reis, Joe Prado and inker Eber Ferreira have surfaced online via @AquamanShrine on Twitter, giving a close-up look at the Crime Syndicate's trinity: Owlman, Ultraman and Superwoman.

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