Could DC's Crime Syndicate Actually Originate From The Dark Multiverse?


SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for Batman: The Red Death #1 by Joshua Williamson and Carmine Di Giandomenico, on sale now.

Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's Dark Nights: Metal has put forth that the newly-established Dark Multiverse is the longstanding, shadowy underbelly of the DC Comics Multiverse, while Joshua Williamson and Carmine Di Giandomenico's Batman: The Red Death #1 provides the first look inside one of the worlds inhabiting that gloomy dimension. The mainstream Batman of Earth 0 has long been shown to be DC's flagship dark, driven, and determined hero, but the Batman of Earth -52 (read "negative 52") goes well beyond determination and crosses over into problematic actions that puts this incarnation of Batman's status as a hero into question.

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The Origin Of Evil: Earth 3, Or . . . ?

While this is but one example of a hero's fall within the infinitely larger fabric of the Dark Multiverse, the other glimpses seen thus far point towards a dimension ripe with evil and darkness. As a dark flipside to the Multiverse, where the forces of good originate and generally triumph, could the Dark Multiverse be the realm that's the birthplace of evil, and where darkness by nature generally wins the day?

Perhaps, but hasn't the birthplace of evil already been established as Earth 3, right here in our very own multiverse? Why, yes it has – this revelation happened in Trinity War back in 2013, leading off to the incursion of Earth 3's Crime Syndicate as subsequently told in DC's Forever Evil event. But relatively little has been revealed about the Crime Syndicate's origins – while Earth 3 is presumed to be their home world, various incarnations of the CSA over the years have shown their penchant for invading our world from time to time. Could this wanderlust have originated elsewhere -- say, from an Earth -3 in the Dark Multiverse -- with Earth 3 merely being their first stop in the "Light" Multiverse?

The Crime Syndicate – Orphans From The Dark Multiverse?

If worlds within the Dark Multiverse are destined to die, as claimed by the Batman Who Laughs in Red Death, then a CSA who inhabited the back side of the multiversal map would not only have plenty of incentive to flee, but also the proven capability to traverse across worlds not their own. Earth 3's destruction, as revealed in "Forever Evil," necessitated the Crime Syndicate evacuating as a matter of survival -- the idea for such a move may likely well have sprung from the fact that they've had to make such a move in the past already.

Had the pervasive evil nature of the Dark Multiverse ever somehow made its way to Earth 3, it could have contaminated that possibly once-pure world, in what might have been the first multiversal incursion, well before Dark Nights: Metal. If the Dark Multiverse is in fact a realm where evil prevails, rather than justice, this template could very well have poisoned Earth 3 at some point in the distant past that went on to establish its evil, opposite nature from the remainder of the Multiverse.

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