Creepy WETA Test Footage From <i>Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes</i>

With the teaser trailer for the newly retitled Rise of the Planet of the Apes only days away, Fox whets our appetites with a four-second glimpse of what the apes will look like in the hands of WETA Digital, the Oscar-winning effects powerhouse. The result in the test footage is equal parts amazing and unnerving -- that ape is plotting all of our deaths in those brief seconds -- and far better than anything that leaped across the screen in Tim Burton's 2001 remake.

Directed by Rupert Wyatt, the prequel/reboot stars James Franco as Will, a scientist who, while testing a cure for Alzheimer’s disease, causes the rapid evolution of an ape test subject named Caesar (Andy Serkis). The film, which also stars Freida Pinto, John Lithgow, Tom Felton, Tyler Labine and Brian Cox, opens on Aug. 5. Look for the first trailer to hit on Friday.

(via The Daily Blam!)

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