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15 Pieces Of Star Wars Fan Art That Will Creep You Out

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15 Pieces Of Star Wars Fan Art That Will Creep You Out

The Star Wars Universe has no shortage of fans. It continues to be one of the most popular franchises in the world. With 10 films spanning four decades, dozens of books, untold amounts of merchandising, and anything you can really think of, Star Wars is a global phenomenon. As the franchise continues to grow, more and more fans are finding their way to this ever-expanding universe. Fandoms often come with fan interpretations and Star Wars is no exception. It has been recreated hundreds upon thousands of times by fans. Among these fans are artists who illustrate or build their own versions of the Saga’s characters, weapons, ships, and worlds.

It can be pretty jaw-dropping to witness how the imaginations of fans can instill new ideas into an already established mythology. Often, they make hilarious mini-comics that poke fun at the universe. Then, there are times when the fan art can get downright creepy. They twist our preconceived notions of the Star Wars Saga to make for some really demented looking artwork. They can bring up some pretty disturbing implications of the universe if it had different creative forces behind it. It makes us wonder how creepy this galaxy from long ago can truly could be.


Boba Fett is a bounty hunter and mercenary who is hugely popular among fans. Mostly, it’s because his suit design inspires a lot of rag-tag action and blaster heavy fights! He is the clone of Jango Fett, a famed bounty hunter of the Galaxy, who died. Though Wednesday Wolf’s depiction of Boba Fett is a reminder of certain children’s books that frightened us as in our youth, and still do now.

The Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark trilogy had some of the most haunting and nightmare-inducing depictions of folk tales ever. This is like the Star Wars version of those images. Horror in the Star Wars Saga is something that isn’t used all too often, but it would be interesting to see the darker nature in the films and television franchises. Imagine this guy sneaking up on you to take you to cosmic jail.


One of the most reviled figures in the Star Wars Universe is Darth Vader. He chose the dark side and leads the fight against the Rebellion. Never one to forgive those who go against him, the Sith Lord is a relentless force of evil. His cameo appearance in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story gave Vader a chance to be seen as the brutally violent icon that the galaxy so desperately feared.

Klaus Enrique uses nature to recreate portraits of pop culture icons. It’s no question as to why he decided to recreate the helmet of Darth Vader, of course, but how he did it is a wonder. He uses various insects like butterflies, scorpions, centipedes, spiders, and more! It’s enough to make your skin crawl, and is thus suitable for a tyrant of the galaxy. If Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs had been in the Star Wars films, you can bet he would be wearing something like this.


Rey from the new Star Wars Trilogy has a hard time trying to understand her path to becoming a Jedi. Many in her footsteps have fallen prey to the Dark Side, but MJ Hiblen’s depiction of the heroine embracing the Dark Side is a scary thought. It is the power that Luke fears in The Last Jedi that if used for evil could decimate those who are trying to bring good into the galaxy.

The other question in this image is how did she end up with Kylo Ren’s lightsaber. It had to have been in some sort of combat where she maybe went too far and ended his life — a variant result, perhaps, of their back-to-back fight in Ladt Jedi. The lightsaber then becomes a token of that moment she decided to devote herself to the Darkside.


If you’re a fan of the Walking Dead, then you’ve definitely played out a scenario where you’d be living in a world where those who died came back to eat your guts! It’s especially scary when you realize that those zombies could potentially be people you love. Imagine your family, friends, or whoever no longer among those who survive with you. Instead, they are among the zombified creatures you must forget about. They will kill you just to eat you.

That’s what Whitney Wilkinson’s fan-art does a great job of recreating. Not only is Darth Vader inching closer to feast on Princess Leia’s brains, but Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, and Chewbacca all seem to have the same thing on their minds (or lack thereof). They will consume Leia because the people she cares about are gone and all that’s left are their undead counterparts.


A tie-fighter is frightening enough to think about, as they’re piloted by Stormtroopers who only enforce the vision of the Dark Side of the Force and thus, the Galactic Empire. They are drones who are devout to the Empire’s totalitarian rule of the Galaxy.

While this is scary enough, the artist here depicted an even more disturbing redesign of the tie-fighter. Instead of the standard cockpit depicted in the saga, they’ve been replaced with doll heads. The doll heads alone in their place are surrealistic and demented. The dead stare only makes you want to avoid ever wondering what it’s like to pilot one of these monstrosities. Even still, it is intriguing to wonder what the Star Wars Universe would look like if a more deranged mind had creative control over the look and feel of the franchise.


These two monsters are terrifying enough on their own, but when they are pitted against each other, it seems even more heart-palpitating. The Rancor salivating for a chance to get a bite out of the snow demon Wampa is reminiscent of the Aliens films! The truly creepy thing about the scene depicted by DJ Logan is in the shadows and blood that cover the claws of both beasts.

It is a scene filled with tension and doom. We are so concerned with the anthropomorphized or cutesy animals in Star Wars that we forget that the galaxy is a big, big place. It’s filled with feral creatures intent on living out their animal instincts. Their brutish natures remind us that there is a lot more to worry about than the Dark Side hidden in the black corners of space.


Let’s face it, the stormtroopers have never been particularly scary. They’ve missed half the shots they’ve taken and have had their own blasters shot right back at them in various Jedi and Rebellion encounters. Though there is something to be said about the incredible quantity of Stormtroopers that plague the universe, the sheer hordes of them have overwhelmed the rebel forces on more than one occasion.

For this reason, the Stormtroopers can strike fear in the hearts of readers with the simple twist that they become zombies. This fan-art is especially chilling as it depicts how these “Death Troopers” become the undead and start eating those who are still among the living. It shows the isolation and claustrophobia of a spaceship infested with the undead. It makes the Walking Dead feel like walk in the park.


This is eerier than it is creepy, but a tie fighter on an empty London street evokes a sense of uneasiness. The Star Wars films are set during a time that came long before us. The image by Nicolas Amiard of a tie fighter in a city that we all have some sense of familiarity with reminds us that this story is set in our own “reality” where millions upon millions of different alien species died fighting an intergalactic war.

For the same reason, walking through an old rickety house or a historical area can be spooky, the same can be reflected in this photo. There’s an air of a presence that haunts us; a reminder that the worst isn’t yet to come, but that it’s already happened and that it’ll happen again.


Mash-ups of popular franchises always lead to really interesting reinventions of established characters. Here, we have Yoda appearing as Gollum from the Lord of the Rings series by Gris Grimly. His grin as he looks into the camera is unsettling to say the least. It isn’t quite creepy to wonder what the Jedi Master would be like if he adopted the crazed and unseemly attributes of the precious ring bearer, but there’s something in this fan-art that exudes the sinister.

What lies behind Yoda is what is truly terrifying. It is a specter that haunts the ground near the deranged depiction of a beloved Star Wars character. If an unhinged Yoda wasn’t scary enough, then the shadow creature that stands behind it is sure to cause some thoughts about the noises you hear in the dark.


The Rebel Fighter Pilots have always been disposable in the Star Wars universe. So many of them have died over the last nine films that it makes one wonder about what happens to the bodies of those who have fallen. Do they get picked up by Rebel Forces after fighting off the Empire or do they simply float off in the vacuum of space?  When they fight on planets, how many of their bodies are recovered?

This portrait by Albert Montoya is a testament to the ugliness of the Galactic Civil War. There must be body parts hidden on various planets, decaying and long forgotten. If you hiked the forests of Endor, you might stumble upon the limb of a fallen soldier or even worse, their decapitated head.


Evil Yoda is a damn frightening idea by Valeria Styajkina! All the power with none of the wisdom makes for an extremely menacing and dangerous threat to the Republic and the Jedi order. The smile plastered on his face hauntingly emotes the terror he’s willing to release on the Galaxy if he so chose. He is no longer the adorable green alien who speaks in fragmented phrases.

Instead, you look into his eyes and see a dark void, a nothingness. This is what we would imagine a Yoda/Joker mash-up would be: the nihilistic philosophy imbued into the Jedi Master means hell for those who oppose him. The cunning and murderous actions of the Joker paired with a deep knowledge of the force makes for a frightening concoction, indeed!


Chewbacca is the adorable, yet hugely capable co-pilot of the Millenium Falcon that knows how to use a blaster if needed. In the films, he’s always right by Han Solo’s side, but with the death of the hugely popular character in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Chewie is no longer with him.

Looking at this fan-art by Wednesday Wolf is almost like taking a peek into the pain and loss that the old Wookie must have felt losing his best friend. Maybe this image isn’t particularly creepy with that context in mind, but it sure is haunting to witness Chewie shriveled down to the furry void depicted here. The eyes without pupils portray an aimless creature with no clear direction of what to do next.


The Ewoks are cute little creatures from the forest moon of Endor and have made fans of Star Wars both inexplicably angry or enamored by their furry adorableness. Whether you are in the Pro-Ewok camp or straight up want to strip them from the canon, you’ll still be utterly shocked and frightened by this insane image by Louie Joyce.

Its fur is covered in blood as it stares at you like you were nothing more than its next feast. It makes you wonder what happened to the bodies of the Stormtroopers who were unlucky enough to cross paths with them. Also, it creeps us out just thinking about staring down one of these carnivorous monsters down rows of trees, wondering whether the leaves moving are more bloodthirsty creatures or just the wind.


We spent a lot of time trying to figure out why Wednesday Wolf’s recreations of the Galaxy’s heroes disturbed us so much. It came down to the Jedi Master’s ominous and vacant eyes staring back at you. He isn’t quite as menacing as the zombified version earlier on the list, but there’s something even more fearful about Wolf’s depiction here.

It’s the mindlessness; the pure unnerved feeling that you don’t know what this Yoda would do to you. This is far removed from the little green powerhouse we all know and love. Imagine looking around a dimly lit room and having this monstrosity poke its head out of the shadows. All it does is keep staring at you without ever blinking, then it croaks out little pearls of wisdom before leaping out at you. Yikes!


When the trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi was released, fans were divided on whether or not they liked these new additions to the universe. That’s right, we’re talking about Porgs! Half loved, half hated, the adorable little animals’ time was short. So much so, in fact, that they definitely seemed like attempts for merchandising rather than an actual addition to the mythos.

Those that were against Porgs were quick to voice their disdain for the little creatures. This translated to one of the creepier, most disturbing bits of fan-art. It shows a Stormtrooper committing an act of violence so graphic, it makes your stomach churn. Fan-art can depict the anger that fans feel, and in this instance, Shane Molina illustrated one of the most creepy and disturbing ones among the whole bunch!

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