The 18 Creepiest Facts About The Hulk Family

The Incredible Hulk has always been a strange and unique superhero. While he prides himself as the strongest one there is, and might be the most recognizable superhero in Marvel Comics, there is also something troubling about Hulk as well. He (and sometimes she) is one of the creepiest characters in Marvel Comics history, with a background filled of actions and moments that seem to always push the bounds of decency. Add in the Hulk family of She-Hulk, Red Hulk, Red She-Hulk, Skaar, Amadeus Cho and more, and that landscape widens and becomes all the more unsettling!

Hulk has been around since the start of Marvel Comics and was soon followed by his cousin She-Hulk. Thereafter, there were red versions of Hulk and She-Hulk, and then the children of The Hulk -- both those born on Earth and those who came from his time in Planet Hulk. Each of these characters has their own unique traits and each of them gives fans a moment to pause thanks to their strange stories. Whether it is the traditional Marvel Universe, alternate worlds, Planet Hulk, or the two World War Hulks, there is a ton of history and bizarre moments in Marvel Comics. Here is a look at 20 creepy facts about The Hulk family throughout the history of the Green Goliath.

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Abuse in comic books isn't anything new. However, something that Marvel Comics did with the origin of The Incredible Hulk -- years after it introduced the character -- was a creepy way to show why the Hulk was always so angry and full of rage. Bruce's father Brian Banner appeared for the first time in The Incredible Hulk #267 and it was this man that caused Hulk's rage problems.

Brian Banner often took his aggressions out on his son physically because he felt that there was something wrong with Bruce for being "too smart." Brian also killed Bruce's mother when she tried to defend her son and then Bruce later accidentally killed his father in self-defense.  It's no wonder Hulk has such emotional problems.



When it comes to the creepiest moments in Hulk history, look no further than the Old Man Logan comic book storyline. It takes place in the future when Wolverine has retired from being a superhero after he was tricked into killing The X-Men. Sadly, Hulk had kids (with She-Hulk, no less), and they were an evil gang that ruled by fear.

While Wolverine was away on a mission for Hawkeye, the Hulk Gang showed up and killed his family. Hulk went after the gang and started to kill Hulk's kids until he finally got to Hulk himself -- who then ate Wolverine. Of course, Wolverine has his healing factor, and burst out of Hulk, killing him from the inside out.



In The Incredible Hulk #168, Betty Ross became the character known as Harpy. While the change only lasted for two issues, this storyline carried on later in comic book history. The United States government had a plan in motion to try to stop The Hulk, and used Ross' former persona as Harpy to keep him under control.

After World War Hulk, despite Bruce Banner giving himself up, the government knew it needed to have something to keep him under control at the Gamma Base. What the high-ups created were Harpy robots with Betty Ross' face on them, something that seems very creepy and wrong.


When Bruce Banner turned into The Hulk, it was by trying to save Rick Jones' life from a gamma explosion. Years later, Banner tried to save someone else's life and ended up turning them into a Hulk as well. This was his cousin Jennifer Walters, who was shot and was dying.

Banner, knowing that there was no other hope and with time was running out, gave her a blood transfusion to save her life. One of Hulk's lesser known powers is his blood possessing a healing factor that he can pass onto other people. It saved Walters' life while transforming her into She-Hulk, creating a brand-new superhero.


Tyrannus Alt Image with Red She Hulk Hulk Smash

There was a point where Hulk decided that he was going to cure every other Hulk in the world except for himself (and She-Hulk, eventually). He developed a serum using Adamantium that would take away everyone's gamma-radiated powers -- from Red Hulk, right on down to his own son, Skaar.

However, the way that he cured Red She-Hulk (Betty Ross) was disturbing. Hulk had Rick Jones show up first and slip a substance into Ross' food, stripping her of her powers against her will. It was not only creepy but wrong on every level, especially with Red She-Hulk as a strong woman depowered by her male counterparts.


When Bruce Banner became The Hulk, he was caught in a gamma bomb explosion, filling his body with radiation, which activated his transformation when his adrenaline kicked in. However, there was one other thing that happened. The gamma radiation continued to form in his body and regenerate so that now, Hulk always emits this radiation.

How creepy is it to consider that Hulk is always emitting gamma radiation around other people. Gamma rays were enough to turn Banner into The Hulk, his  cousin into She-Hulk, and it has created many other members of the Hulk family, as well as several of his foes! That's not just creepy, it's a public safety hazard!


If emitting radiation is dangerous, Red Hulk might be one of the most terrifying characters in Marvel Universe. He doesn't just emit energy, he emits a huge amount of radiation as he grows angrier. Not only does this release the dangerous radiation into the air but it also will start to burn anything that Red Hulk touches.

When Red Hulk expends too much energy, he actually starts to look like he is on fire and can explode if it hits a certain level, making him extremely dangerous for anyone to be around -- friend, foe or innocent bystander. When it comes to the Hulk family, Red Hulk was always the most combustible. Literally.



When World War Hulk began, fans saw that an explosion on Sakaar killed Hulk's pregnant wife, sending him to Earth in a rage to gain vengeance on those he believed were responsible. However, as he discovered later, his wife may have died but his son was born -- but only after her death.

When Caiera died, a cocoon with her baby  fell into a lake of fire. Soon, Skaar emerged from that cocoon, already appearing to be a young human boy. He was raised, taught to kill and survive, before setting out to seek vengeance against the father he believed abandoned him.


20 Creepy Facts About The Hulk Family

In much the same way that Hulk and Red Hulk are always emitting gamma radiation, they both also have the power to drain the radiation from each other. The Red Hulk is combustible and is able to power up immensely by drawing forth the energy from just about anything, even the Silver Surfer's cosmic power once!

However, Hulk has a little more control and is actively able to drain the gamma radiation out of Red-Hulk, depowering him in the process. When fighting side-by-side, Red Hulk can power up by supping from the excess energy from The Hulk -- although getting too much radiation will cause him to burn out.


After Bruce suffered brain damage following being shot in the head, Tony Stark was able to help him with a version of the Extremis virus that not only healed him, but highly increased his intelligence while in Hulk form. After changing his name to Doc Green, Hulk went on a mission to depower the Hulk family, thereby removing their danger to the world... except for himself, of course.

He started with Rick Jones (who was a blue armadillo-like creature named A-Bomb at the time). He then even de-powered his own son Skaar before stripping Red She-Hulk, Red Hulk and the Gamma Corps of their powers as well. Talk about playing god.


20 Creepy Facts About The Hulk Family

Hulk is, as was recently revealed, immortal. He can't die, thanks to his healing factor, which is similar to Deadpool and Wolverine's in that it can actually regrow limbs and internal organs when destroyed or damaged. However, another interesting aspect of his healing power is that it will mutate his body to survive.

When fighting underwater in Incredible Hulk #138, Hulk's body was able to create a system to allow him to breathe and avoid decompression. It seems that just about anything that could destroy a normal person will not affect the Hulk because he is always mutating, and will thus, always live!



The Hulk has been both green and gray. When he is green, it is the aggression-fuelled Hulk. When he is gray, he is smart and devious, a very different kind of Hulk. Interestingly enough, given her origins, which we've detailed above, She-Hulk is the exact opposite of Hulk.

When She-Hulk starts to grow in rage and aggression, she turns gray. At this point, She-Hulk starts to talk more like green Hulk and eventually gives in to her savage rage. This happened most recently when both Bruce Banner and James Rhodes died in fairly quick succession, and She-Hulk went through intense stress in Hulk vol. 4 #1.


Lyra She-Hulk

Skaar is not Hulk's only child; he also has a daughter with Thundra, named Lyra. However, the way that Lyra was born is extremely controversial, and a little creepy. In an alternate future (Earth-8009), there is a war between men and women and one of the most powerful heroes was Thundra. Knowing that they needed an even more powerful warrior, she went back in time to recruit.

In Hulk: Raging Thunder #1, Thundra fought Hulk, but then stopped the fight to explain about the horrors of her world. She kissed Hulk and returned to her time. Using his DNA, pulled from the saliva, she genetically engineered a daughter -- Lyra, whose Hulk side Thundra hoped would help turn the tide of war. Depending on the version you read, it worked out pretty well!


20 Creepy Facts About The Hulk Family

Hulk's blood has a healing factor. That is something that keeps him alive and helps him to recover from injuries rapidly, keeping him always healthy and ready to battle. He also used his blood in the past to help cure Jennifer Walters after she was shot, turning her into the She-Hulk as a result.

However, there is more that Hulk's blood can do, and it is a little creepy. On Sakaar, Hulk, at first inadvertently, started a rebellion, which eventually led to the enslaved masses rising up and taking their planet back from the nefarious Red King. What really sealed the deal, though, was when he was hurt while fighting in the gladiator pits. It was here that he was struck, spilling some of his blood. That's when the people saw that wherever his blood hit the ground, there grew flowers. This was part of an old prophesy whereby their once dead planet would be given a second life.


There are some powers that Hulk has that makes absolutely no sense. He is super strong, almost invulnerable and has rapid healing powers, and that is what most people focus on. However, one of his lesser-known powers is one that Hulk can see ghosts.

To be more accurate, Hulk can see beings that are in their astral forms, and this becomes very helpful when he works with his fellow Defenders member Doctor Strange. This power developed after Bruce Banner killed his dad and Hulk developed the self-defense mechanism of seeing spirits to protect him from his dad coming back from the afterlife for revenge.


hulk puppies

Yes, Hulk is the strongest one there is. However, there are some things that can hurt, or even defeat him. Adamantium claws can injure Hulk and cut into him. Vibranium can also cause some serious damage. However, one of the strangest things anyone used to beat Hulk was a box of cute little puppies.

There might not be a creepier image than watching Hulk, sitting in a room laughing as puppies crawl all over him, giving him lots of puppy kisses. This happened in Indestructible Hulk #1 when S.H.I.E.L.D. unleashed the box full of puppies on him, reverting him back into Bruce Banner.


Bruce Banner and Jennifer Walters are cousins. The reason that Jennifer is She-Hulk at all is because Bruce gave her his blood in a transfusion to save her life. However, throughout the comics, their relationship has gone from close to creepy on numerous occasions.

In Basic Instinct in 2000, Hulk was dealing with some animalistic urges and made a move on his cousin -- but thankfully she rejected his advances. From the hints given out in Old Man Logan, she didn't keep her morals there and it resulted in the Hulk Gang. Add in a What If #34 where Hulk and She-Hulk got married and it gets more than a little creepy.



Possibly the creepiest thing to ever happen to Hulk came in the pages of Hulk: The End. In this story, a nuclear war wipes out the world and there is only one man left alive -- The Hulk. Throughout the series, Bruce Banner wants to kill himself but can't.

Thanks to Hulk's healing factor, he always regenerates, which keeps his body busy because mutant cockroaches keep eating him, only for him to come back over and over again. The comic book is one of the most depressing in the history of the character, featured the eventual death of Banner, and had some of the creepiest images from any Hulk comic.

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