First Creepshow Trailer Gives a Chilling Look at the Horror Anthology

The first trailer for Shudder's Creepshow has arrived, giving fans a look at what's to come in the upcoming anthology series.

As the trailer opens, viewers see a little girl approach her dollhouse. The girl asks, "Who are you?" to an unseen person within the house. When she opens the dollhouse up, viewers see a woman sprawled on the floor, with a blood-soaked chair next to her. Pained breathing can be heard heard. A quick jump scare then occurs, showing the face of Creepshow's host, the Creep, followed by a voice asking "You know it's okay to be scared, right?"

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The trailer teases '12 terrifying tales,' which viewers being treated to sneak peeks including tree roots, Nazis and monsters. As the trailer continues, one character warns another that there are things "in the corner of this world" that will drive them insane, with more macabre scenes following suit.

Eventually, the original film's tagline of "It's the most fun you'll ever had being scared" appears, followed by the series' logo and an eerie piano rendition of the Creepshow theme. One character, played by Creepshow alum Adrienne Barbeau, is then informed by another that she's "in for it now." When she asks why, another character appears to tell the audience, "It's the way it's supposed to be." The trailer closes with one last glimpse of the Creep.

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Based on the George A. Romero and Stephen King films, Creepshow and Creepshow 2, the Creepshow series will launch this September on AMC's Shudder streaming service.

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