'Creeps' creeping back for a second printing

Official Press Release

ORANGE, CA - October 31, 2001 - In what appears to be a growing trend, Image Comics is pleased to announce that Creeps #1 by Dan Mishkin and Tom Mandrake is being ordered back to press after selling out. This announcement is the second such for a re-printing of a sold out #1 issue in as many months for Image.

Released about a month ago, Creeps #1 was modestly overprinted like most premier issues, but steady sales and reorders have depleted stock on the book in less than a month. A second printing of Creeps #1 was a shoe-in with Image's policy of keeping desired books in stock for both retailers and fans. "Now that people have seen the book and are saying all these positive things about it, we want to make sure everybody has an opportunity to try it out," commented Mishkin on the second printing. The second printing will feature an all-new cover by Mandrake; a brighter, more active piece designed to show the action angle of the book as opposed to the dark, mysterious cover of the first.

While the sell-out of the first issue of the book comes as a pleasant surprise to both the creators and publisher, it was not a completely unexpected one. Mandrake's work on The Spectre and Mishkin's on Blue Devil have developed the pair a broad fan base, and they tirelessly promoted the book on the Summer convention circuit and with their own website. While the effects of such a grassroots promotion were impossible to gauge at first, it has become apparent that it worked, and worked with a vengeance.

The second printing of Creeps #1 is now available for order from Diamond using code AUG015211. Image Comics is strongly encouraging retailers to double check their orders for Creeps #2 (OCT011556), and take full advantage of one of this year's biggest breakthrough books.

[NOTE: Want to learn more about "Creeps?" Check out interviews with series creators Dan Mishkin and Tom Mandrake]

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