"Creeps" are online, in color and in store

Official Press Release

[Creeps]Writer Dan Mishkin and artist Tom Mandrake have announced that a full-color preview of their new Image Comics series CREEPS is now available at their website, www.creepscomic.com. Says Image Director of Marketing Anthony Bozzi, "The preview gives readers a chance to find out what Creeps is really like. Which is sure to be a help, because Creeps is a true original, unlike anything that comic readers have seen before."

Creeps takes place on the margins of society, where the bad stuff in the world always hits first, and it tells about the bizarre people who confront the badness when no one else will. But Mishkin says that's only the beginning. "It's funny as well as frightening," he says, "and horrible and heroic at the same time. What Tom and I wanted to do most of all with Creeps was to create something brand new...something that's about what's coming from our imagination and not about what's come before. I admit I've sometimes called our characters 'the homeless Fantastic Four,' but that doesn't tell anything like the whole story."

The Creeps website also offers merchandise such as t-shirts, mousepads, mugs and caps, all featuring Mandrake's art. "I haven't come up with the right image for the Creeps boxer shorts just yet, but I'm working on it," the artist warns.

Creeps #1, a Diamond Comic Distributors "Gem of the Month," is scheduled for an October 3 release, with subsequent issues published on a bimonthly basis. The first four issues tell a complete storyline, powered by an imaginative rendering of a part of the world most people don't like to look at, and rocked by a surprising revelation at the end of issue three. Each issue sells for $2.95.

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