Creed 2 Starts Filming as First Set Photos Emerge

Rocky fans are in for a treat as the first photos from filming for Steven Caple Jr.'s Creed 2 emerge online.

Bringing back stars like Sylvester Stallone and Michael B. Jordan, Creed 2 is also recruiting the help of long-time Rocky favorite Dolph Lundgren. While Creed saw Stallone's Rocky Balboa train Jordan as his new protégé, the sequel sees the return of Lundgren to settle scores as Ivan Drago. While Drago was the main antagonist of Rocky IV in 1985, it looks like he has some assistance this time.

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33 years after Lundgren's character was famously KO'ed in the 15th round, he's back and recreating a scene that will look familiar to Rocky fans. Pictures shared by Philly.com show Lundgren alongside newcomer Florian Munteanu, who will play Drago's son Viktor. Undergoing some mentoring from his father atop the iconic steps at Philadelphia’s Museum of Art, the movie could be about to recreate that training montage and Stallone's victorious dance from the first movie. A video posted by TMZ also shows Drago Jr. and Sr. in action in their winter clothing.

This time, it won't just be Drago wanting a grudge match. Jordan reprises his role as Adonis Johnson Creed from Ryan Coogler's Creed, playing the son of boxer Apollo Creed who was killed by Drago in Rocky IV before the Soviet faced off against Balboa. However, with Jordan not due to start filming for another month, there may be a bit of a wait until fans get to see him put on his boxing gloves again. There was also no sign of Stallone on the set yet, but Creed 2 marks the star's eighth appearance as the infamous boxer.

Remembering back to Creed, Balboa became a father figure to Adonis and turned an Oscar-nominated performance as a cancer-riddled version of the legendary character. Creed ended with Rocky climbing the very same steps that Lundgren and Munteanu are seen filming on. The steps at the Museum of Art have become synonymous with Rocky, while their return to the franchise ties together the main Rocky movies and the Creed spin-offs.

While Lundgren, Jordan and Stallone are all back for another action-packed round in the ring, Sly's role won't be limited to acting in front of the camera. After writing and serving as a producer on Creed, Stallone will once again help with the script for the sequel. Although Stallone was originally tipped to direct Creed 2The Land's Caple Jr. is taking over from Coogler this time around. Drago's return is sure to spark interest in Creed 2, but audiences will have to wait and see how well the cartoonish villain fits in with the more serious era of the Rocky legacy.

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