Creators talk about Bob Harras' new job as DC's editor-in-chief

The big news of the date -- and the week, most likely -- is today's announcement that former Marvel Editor-in-Chief Bob Harras was named as DC Comics' next editor-in-chief. Harras is the first person to have held the editor-in-chief position at both Marvel and DC, and his appointment has set creators on all corners of comics abuzz. Here's a sampling:

Tom Brevoort, vice president-executive editor of Marvel: "Well, that was unexpected. Big props to my old boss Bob Harras on scoring the top DC editorial job. [...] Of course, this does mean that I now have to retire the memorial photo of Bob that's been sitting here in my office ..."

Writer Warren Ellis: "In a tumultuous time at DC Entertainment, which I must remember to start calling it, the steady presence of Bob Harras is very probably what is required." (Read a longer post on his website)

Writer Greg Rucka: "Funny being so out of the loop. All this DC news I missed! Congrats to Bob Harras and his EiC posting! Many happy returns!"

Writer/artist Rob Liefeld: "Bob Harras named DC comics EIC! This is pretty damn awesome. This will be good. [...] The great thing about the Bob Harras EIC announcement is that it's controversial, unexpected and instantly energizes the biz. [...] I'm an unabashed Bob Harras fan, he gave me my big break. So it's nice to see him back on top doing well. [...] Age of Apocalypse, X-Force, X-tinction Agenda, X-Cutioners Song, Gen X, Deadpool. Bob Harras presided over all of these. Good resume."

Writer/artist Tim Seeley: "All I know about Bob Harras, is that he was super cool to me when I was a Marvel intern in '99, and he writes a mean-ass Avengers comic."

Writer Kurt Busiek: "An excellent choice."

Marvel Senior Editor Stephen Wacker: "Nice job, Bob Harras. Very cool to hear."

Writer/artist Jimmy Palmiotti: "CONGRATS TO BOB HARRAS, the new E.I.C. of D.C. Comics. Great guy and has the experience. What more could you want."

Artist Khary Randolph: "Wait - Bob Harras is running DC? 90's X-Men editor Bob Harras?? [...] I was gonna make a 'What's next? Joe Mad on JLA?' joke, but then I realized Marvel did that last year on Ultimates."

Artist Cully Hamner: "Whoa! Left-field choice, Bob Harras, DC EiC! Congrats ..."

Writer Ben Raab: "A smart move on DC's part: Bob Harras named as DC's new Editor-in-Chief [...] So happy for my old boss! Well-deserved!"

Writer B. Clay Moore: "Bob Harras has certainly been through the wars. Going to be fun watching things develop under Bob, Jim, Dan and Geoff."

Writer Joe Harris: "Bob Harras was a fantastic editor doing a very tough job at a very dysfunctional Marvel Comics. Even more intrigued about DC's future now."

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