Creators go wild in "Frankenstein Mobster"

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ORANGE, CA -- 27 April, 2004 --Almost hidden among the great reviews and the gripping, machinegun-driven story is the fact that one of Image Comics' most compelling series, Mark Wheatley's Frankenstein Mobster, has unleashed a virtual torrent of creative energy on the comics scene.

From the time that Wheatley debuted the character in ashcan form, the fan response has been among the strongest of his illustrious career. But the fans haven't been the only ones answering the call of Frankenstein Mobster. Comic industry creators have, too.

Frankenstein Mobster #0 featured a "deviant" cover by Wonder Woman's Adam Hughes. The next issue, Frankenstein Mobster #1, featured art by Mike Wieringo (Fantastic Four, Flash) and inked by the renowned George Freeman.

Frankenstein Mobster #2's variant was provided by Michael Avon Oeming, co-creator of Powers, upcoming writer on Thor, and Wheatley's collaborator on Image Comics' Hammer of the Gods.

Jerry Ordway, who is currently supplying the inks on the Chris Claremont/John Byrne run on DC's JLA, conjured up a deviant cover for Frankenstein Mobster #3, and acclaimed indy press wonder Scott Morse, who just finished a run on Todd McFarlane's Casefiles: Sam & Twitch, brought his own vibrant perspective to the variant on Frankenstein Mobster #4.

Now Image Comics is pleased to announce that a serious legend, former artist for the Warren horror magazines, Famous Monsters, Creepy and Eerie and long time MAD magazine contributor Angelo Torres, has joined the illustrious Frankenstein Mobster line-up.

"It's difficult to describe how exciting it's been to see all of these different takes on Frankenstein Mobster have been. I think each of these guys really knocked themselves out, and it shows in the end results," Wheatley said. "And now to add Angelo Torres to the mix, it really takes me back to being a fan again."

Frankenstein Mobster #4 hits stores this Wednesday, April 28. Frankenstein Mobster #5. This issue is offered with two covers, one by Wheatley [APR04 1411] and the deviant cover by Scott Morse [APR04 1412]. Each version carries the same $2.95 cover price.

Frankenstein Mobster #5 is available for order in the June issue of Previews and is scheduled to go on sale this August

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