Creators Ban together as a result of "Olney-gate" for "UNSCREWED!"

Official Press Release

People working their way up the ranks in comics, or other creative endeavors often become acquainted with the phrase "Paying Your Dues". Often times paying your dues winds up with you not getting yours.

Speak with any creator about their "war story" and you'll likely hear tales from their first few years, working on projects that never paid out, publishers who vanished like thieves in the night, or have even worse horrors wrought upon them.

One thing that unites most creative types is they all have at least one of those stories to trade. In some cases more than one, and therein lies a problem. Over the years a phrase has been coined speaking of "weekend publishers" people who come in, with pie in the sky promises, and deliver nothing, hurting only those that sought to create.

The UNSCREWED! anthology one-shot, to be released later this year, is intended to benefit victims of a large scale scam that has been perpetrated over many years by one such individual, uniting in a single volume dozens of voices that scream for accountability, and for getting just deserts.

Once relegated as being "just one of those things" goes through, this situation is now being challenged. No longer will people have to pay the ultimate cost for being conned.

There will be an auction to benefit those affected by this all to common occurrence. Countless items will be offered, from Names You Know to Names You Don't, But Will Soon!

Look for one-of-a-kind specialty items, all offered for a worthy cause.. The proceeds of the book will go to a fund and be dispersed to those that fell victim to hollow words, and even more hollow actions.

In a world where we feel all alone chasing our dreams, where we fall prey to the dark nightmares lurking in desperate times, we are in reality a family, a community. What affects one of us will assuredly affect all of us, if it is left unchecked. Together we will stand up to abusive practices and declare that our business is not just an idle hobby

For more information concerning this project, visit http://www.unscrewedcomic.com for details and how YOU can join in the battle for accountability.

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