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TAMPA, FL., February 4, 2003 - In the near future, readers of CrossGen Comics will notice a few new names on their favorite titles. Beginning withBrath #2, John Dell will assume the regular inking role replacing BradVancata. Vancata has left CrossGen as a full-time employee to pursue otheropportunities, but will continue working for CrossGen in a freelancecapacity. Taking Dell's place on Route 666 is inker Drew Geraci. Formerlythe regular inker on Sojourn, Geraci has recently served in the role ofrelief inker. Beginning with Route 666 #9, he will become that title'sregular inker.

"We are sorry to see Brad go," said CrossGen Art Director Bart Sears. "Butas we've stated all along, the CrossGen studio system isn't for everyone. Wewish him the best of luck with his future endeavors. He's a class act and agreat inker; I'm sure he'll find regular work if he chooses to remain incomics."

"I appreciated my time at CrossGen very much, and am very happy and proud ofthe work that was produced in conjunction with the various creative teams Ihad the pleasure of working with," Vancata said. "At this moment in timethough, I decided it was right for me to move on. I will always value thefriends I've made here, and my respect and admiration for the hard work,commitment to quality, and dedication of my fellow creators is immense. Hatsoff to you, and all the best for the future."

John Dell's first issue on Brath, issue #2, is on sale March 26.

"Coming on to one of CrossGen's newest titles and getting the opportunity towork over the pencils of such an outstanding young talent like Andrea DiVito is going to be very interesting," Dell said. "The fan response to Brathso far has been overwhelming. I look forward to working on this title, thosepeople are wild!"

Route 666 #9, the first issue to be inked by Drew Geraci, is on saleFebruary 19.

"It is very exciting to be back on a regular title again," stated Geraci."I've had the pleasure of working over some of the best pencilers here atCrossGen and now is no exception. The work Karl Moline is doing on Route 666is phenomenal and a lot of fun to ink. His style is different from the otherpencilers I've inked and I'm really looking forward to our run together."

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