Creative studio GrafikSismik launces Web site

Official Press Release

(Quebec City, Quebec) - Fast rising creative studio Grafiksismik makes its web debut with a site featuring galleries, message boards and news on their upcoming projects.

Based in Quebec, Grafiksismik Inc. is a full service studio that blends American and European influences to produce unique, high quality illustrative and narrative visuals. They have done work for a diverse array of clients in the animation, video game and comic book fields, including Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Dreamwave Productions, Devil's Due Publishing and Hasbro.

Grafiksismik's recent credits include THUNDERCATS: ORIGINS - VILLAINS AND HEROES #1, STAR WARS TALES #18 and ACTION COMICS #812. They are also currently working on the VAMPI VICIOUS CIRCLE miniseries with writer B.Clay Moore and several other projects to be announced soon.

Designed by long time Grafiksismik collaborator Steven Preston(designinfusion.com), who has also built sites for Joe Madureira, Keron Grant and Ale Garza, Grafiksismik.net's galleries will be updated weekly and features the work of pencillers Dub (THUNDERCATS, STAR WARS) and Niko Henrichon (BARNUM!, SANDMAN), inker Pierre-Andre Dery (NEW MUTANTS, SPIDER-MAN) and colorists Joelle (SUPERMAN, THUNDERCATS) and Phiz (STAR WARS, SPACE ACE).

In addition to providing the most up to date news about the studio's books, Grafiksismik.net will also host message boards devoted to discussiong the comic book industry and the craft of comics.

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